Wedding song

THE wedding song helps to compose the mood of romanticism and excitement of the ceremony and the excitement of the party. Whenever the music used in church and reception is played, it will bring back memories of various moments.

The songs should be chosen carefully for the different moments of the ceremony. At church, the bride can choose a different melody for the groom's entrance, another for the groomsmen, and one for her grand entrance.

The traditional bridal march never goes out of style and still is music for the bride's entrance into the church most used. But some couples are already preferring to dare and choose more modern themes, such as instrumental songs, movie themes or a song that has marked some phase of the couple's life, such as the first date, the first kiss, the dating request.

At the moment of offering the blessing to the couple, a good choice is to choose a more delicate and romantic song. Already at the exit of the newlyweds from the church, the melody can be more lively.

THE wedding song Ideal is always one that has special meaning for the couple, but among the favorite and most used songs by the couple are: Ave Maria; Jesus, the joy of men; I know I will love you; Phantom of the opera; Ode to joy; Chopin Sonata; Chopin Sonata; Spring of the four seasons of Vivaldi; Pomp and circumstance; Schubert's serenade, among others.

Music for the reception

For the reception, the bride and groom can choose a band or even a DJ. There is no definite repertoire of music for wedding partybut ideally the couple should keep in mind that people of different ages and tastes will be at the party, so it is important to choose songs of varying styles. It is worth making a list with the favorite of the couple and even ask for suggestions to relatives and friends.

THE wedding music You need to entertain and entertain the guests, so it can be more serious at the beginning of the party. After the waltz the repertoire can be more relaxed, with happy songs that invite guests to dance.

I Choose You {The Wedding Song} // Ryann Darling Original // On iTunes & Spotify (April 2021)

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