Welcome your guests

Whether it is to welcome friends, family or even totally unexpected people, regardless of the size of your home, the important thing is to provide a pleasant, warm and comfortable environment. welcome your guests. And it doesn't take much effort, just a little attention and a lot of patience.

There are different ways to receive them. The first is if you live in a small house with already busy but cozy rooms. The second is living in a house with more space, several rooms and suddenly having one that is unique to the occasion.

But what can be considered a? Little space? comfortable? It's simple, one guest room must have the same items we use in our daily lives. As hosts, we should expect the guest to make the most of his stay in our home, so he always deserves the best and the best to feel comfortable living the way we live. Details such as bedding, clean, fragrant sheets, telephone, internet access and space to accommodate belongings are simple but very enjoyable for those who visit us.

It is important to offer what we would like to have if we were the guests. Remember, comfort is essential, so always offer the best.

To be a good hostess?

Even after taking care of all the details of the house so that it is in perfect condition, there is still a step to follow to welcome your guests. It is not enough to tidy up the whole house, it is necessary that the owners of the house are also in perfect harmony and can convey the feeling that receiving is pleasant.

To be a good host, get ready from the invitation. Think about whether you really want those people to be with you and your family for a while and also look at the affinities between you, if you have children of the same age, similar tastes. It is extremely important to consult your family or those who live with you about the invitation, after all, everyone will share spaces.

Never invite on impulse, don't make the proposal to be nice in the excitement of parties. The person may actually accept your invitation and you risk not being prepared. Pay attention, reconcile conflicts, organize large meals, schedule grocery shopping, distribute and check out accommodations for everyone, and always smile. Simple tasks that are indispensable to be a pleasant host.

When your guests arrive, make them feel welcome. Show them the space and let them feel comfortable setting up. Show the location of the sheets, towels, pillows, extra blankets. Talk about mealtimes, letting you know about places and events that are interesting, and a good option to go to in your city. Always maintain a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

When we received guests at homeIt is inevitable that there will come a time when we miss our privacy, being alone with our family, not having to smile all the time and doing whatever we want when we feel like it. Although the situation is uncomfortable, the perfect host disguises it. Get out, try to air your head and get distracted. At the time of departure of your guests, as relieved as you may be, it is not legal to show satisfaction in the departure of people.


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