What can children learn from children's programs?

Today's generation of children has access to 24-hour pay-TV channels, DVDs with stories and music specially crafted for them, and even the internet, which maintains interactive pages of their favorite characters. In turn, the little ones absorb this content and take it to all areas of their lives, to contact their classmate or parents, for example.

The educator Arlete Codo explains that? Children receive audiovisual stimuli that can develop their psychomotor ability (whose goal is to develop expressive and creative capacity through the body) and cognitive (which involves the act of knowing the other, for this, sharpens attention, perception, memory, reasoning, judgment, imagination, thought and language).

Precisely because children mirror their favorite stories, parents should keep track of what they watch. All cartoons are recommended for different age groups because their content is intended for the intended audience.

Therefore, to teach what each one needs to know, elements of daily life are used. A 6 year old is already able to understand what a competition is, a game, which is not understood when you are 2 years old. Additionally, when assisted by non-recommended audiences, certain types of schedules may offer inappropriate content.

In this way, parenting becomes indispensable. "Watching TV or DVD movies with your kids is a great way to be present and still get a close look at what they are consuming and what they can learn," the educator suggests.

Danielle Coelho da Silva is the mother of Vitória, only 2 years old. Having never been to school or nursery, the girl can already distinguish colors, count to 10, speak her full name and call all family members. For the mother, the daughter's rapid development is due to the content provided by the children's stories told on DVD or on television.

Even with so many benefits one must be careful. Do not let the children in front of the television the whole day. Too much visual information can cause insomnia, and every boy and girl should play and interact with other children ?, concludes Arlete.

The "Backyardigans" class, the "Pintadinha Chicken", the "Ben 10" and? George the Curious? These are some of the favorite designs of the kids. They are able to show the importance of friendship and to help other people, they can also bring children closer to the academic universe, mathematics and science, besides having fun, of course.

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