What not to wear to work

In certain work environments there is no obligation to use uniforms. Therefore, some gaffes may occur while dressing. Therefore, one should take into consideration the position held, function performed, as well as the company's philosophy and the manner of behaving of other employees. Therefore, dressing appropriately is an indication that you recognize your role as well as your organization.

However, be aware that if you are in charge of leadership, or have direct contact with customers, your image should mirror what the company really wants to represent. Therefore, any elements that are overdone or stand out should be avoided, such as short, very tight pieces, overdone necklines, low pants or extremely vibrant colors.

This is because attention in a professional environment must focus on professional interests and issues, and such characteristics may turn the attention of interlocutors to an undesirable sphere. Therefore, the rule also applies to hair, nails, makeup, jewelry and accessories. The appearance should be sober and elegant. Equally important, the heels should not be extremely high.

With personality, keep in mind that first is company culture, not current fashion. However, do not choose cumbersome productions, as you must be able to perform your duties during office hours with agility, comfort and class, whatever it may be. Know what are the main Gaffes to Avoid in the Workplace:

Incorporate fashion trends into work

In the professional environment, manage your productions to suit the company culture. So if you work in formal places like law firms, choose clothes like button-down shirts, long sleeves, straight-cut pants, closed shoes and discreet accessories. If you work in a store and sell clothes, for example, try to stick to looks that are in tune with their language.

Opt for sexy and provocative productions

Extravagant make-up, deep necklines, tight-fitting clothes, low pants, bare belly, extremely high heels, vibrant colors and exaggerated accessories should be worn outside the work environment. Attention in this place should focus on its interests, so both the way of dressing and its posture must be from a professional.

Join noisy items

Bracelets, earrings and pendants need to be kept away from your work, as well as shoes that make noise, as they can interfere with the concentration of other employees, causing some discomfort. However, if you have to use mobile devices during office hours, such as sound-producing media, opt for vibracall mode, such as headphones.

Wear flip flops and other informal elements

Slippers, casual flats, sport-style shorts, sneakers, T-shirts, and other casual wear should be worn outside the workplace unless you are an employee of a cool company that allows you to wear such items, thus translating the way you wear them. life of the organization and customers. Otherwise, choose to wear such items outside your office hours.

What to Wear to Work | What Not to Wear (January 2021)

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