What to do a month before the wedding?

The long-awaited wedding is an event that involves so much preparation that the bride can often get lost in the jumble of things to do. And just for the ceremony and party to be perfect and everything goes as the grooms thought it takes a lot organization. So make a note of what to do one month before the wedding day .

It's time to confirm all the contracted services. Check out the buffet, the photographer, the rental services, the decoration, the bride's day, and the groom's car. All details must be agreed at this time to avoid or resolve any issues or divergences that may occur. If you want the reception to have scheduled seats, now is the time to set the buffet with the seat map. Set the soundtrack of the Wedding and also of the party.

At this time it is also ideal to organize your bridal shower or lingerie so that they are not held too close to the wedding day. It is a celebration party with friends that can be seen as a preparation for the wedding. For the couple, this may be the time to meet friends and prepare the bachelor party.

Marriage is also implicit in moving the house of the bride and groom, so a month in advance start organizing the personal move, with less used items (such as clothes from another season, documents and other objects) to the new house. Send home the gifts you have already received. Organize the list of gifts received and who sent them, as you will use it to thank after the wedding.

Take care of the beauty and make a skin cleansing. Cosmetic treatments should be done in advance of the wedding date. Bet on a healthy diet with fruit and vegetable intake. This will ensure a good look and also a lot of disposition for the wedding day.

Also choose the clothes you will wear on your wedding night. Reserve lingerie, socks, jewelry and other costumes. Contact professional hair stylist and mark tests for wedding day hairstyle and makeup. Use the same accessories that will be used on the day to be sure of every detail.

Set all the details for the honeymoon trip that should already be set. Confirm tickets, hotel reservations and list what you need to bring on the trip. Buy the missing items for luggage.

By taking these precautions and confirming everything in advance you lessen the chances of something going wrong on the big day.

10 Things To Do A Month Before The Wedding! (April 2021)

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