Why do men sleep soon after sex?

After long moments of intense pleasure, intimacy and complicity between the sheets, your enchanted prince gives you a withered kiss, turns to the other side and finally sleeps like a rock in seconds. This is an older female complaint about the opposite sex. Why, after so much human warmth, do men fall asleep and leave us talking to ourselves?

A French study, published in the journal Neuroscience and Biobehavorial Reviews, found the male organism responsible. Apparently, parts of men's brains turn off? automatically all male desire sensations as soon as sex ends.

"These tests give us the first clues as to what happens in the brain during orgasm," says Serge Stoleru, the research neuroscientist. "After having an orgasm, men usually experience a refractory period, which is why they can't wake up," he explains.

What Stoleru calls the refractory period is the amount of time it takes for the male organism to recover and to feel sexual desire again. Research has also shown that this does not happen to women.

But calm down, that doesn't mean your partner's body is avoiding you, on the contrary. Other research, jointly conducted by the University of Michigan and the University of Albright, Pennsylvania, states that sleeping soon after sex is a sign that there is a deep feeling between the couple. It's not hard to understand why: although the brain is doing its best to prevent the man from feeling desire again soon after orgasm, it is always possible for the guy to simply get up and do something else. However, if he stays by your side and falls asleep, it is because he feels safe and has no intention of running away from you, at least at first.

According to sexologist Walter Ghedin, “the impossibility of feeling the desire for a new sexual relationship again often makes men sleep soon after sex. To these physiological considerations are added others such as, for example, the difficulty of communication (? I have nothing to say?), Not knowing how to express the experience (? It was good and that's all?), Automation or the usual (? nothing different, has always been so?), among other excuses (? I'm tired, talk to you tomorrow?) ?.

Therefore, the fact that your partner's body conditions you to sleep as soon as the action is over does not guarantee that the problem is not in the relationship itself. Over time, it is common for the couple to fall into a routine, which ends up disrupting the relationship, which becomes monotonous. In this case some factors, such as communication, are impaired, and both begin to notice a growing distance.

For most relationship problems between a couple, the best attitude is dialogue. In frank conversation, we can understand what's bothering us and make it clear that it bothers us about them too. Talking about the difficulties ensures that there are no misunderstandings and prevents the distance from the partner becoming even greater over the years.

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