Why is it important to chew well?

The digestive process begins in the mouth. This is one of the main reasons that make chewing so important. In the dictionary, chew means grinding with your teeth. Therefore, by reducing food into smaller pieces, chewing facilitates the action of digestive enzymes on them and even avoids some frequent disorders such as heartburn, poor digestion and drowsiness after the meal.

Most of digestive problems It may be due to insufficient chewing, since swallowing food in large pieces requires more effort from the stomach in the digestive process.

Eating in a hurry is also harmful. Who eats in a hurry, at the end of the meal gets that feeling of heaviness in the stomach, feels stuffed. It is best to eat calmly, giving the body time to assimilate the nutrients.

But it is not just in the digestive process that chewing assists. It can also help control how much we eat. That is, one good chew stimulates satiety, a brain control that serves to regulate the amount of food eaten. This is important for those who need to control food intake to control weight on the scale as well.

Another important question is how to chew. One of the main mistakes people make without realizing it is to chew using only one side of their mouth or to chew only by opening and closing their mouth without making horizontal movements. Chewing needs to be intense, but it is no use just chewing several times. You need to chew calmly from side to side to avoid pain and other problems such as misalignment of teeth.

5 Reasons To Chew Food Properly !! (April 2021)

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