Women Planners

This week we'll talk about the third Woman Profile: Women Planners.

What are these women like?

Women planners They are stable and patient. They tend to be soothing and conciliatory. In an environment they are the ones who talk the least and watch the most, they are usually calm and diplomatic. Of a stable nature, they like to maintain a routine and regularity.

In a project they may have its speed questioned, but although it does not have a "pull", its stability and consistency make the project start and finish at a constant pace and without many irregularities.

In relationships they are excellent listeners and loyal friends. They don't like conflicts very much and are excellent peacemakers. They value family life and socializing with friends.

What do they need to develop?

If you are one planner woman, make sure your pace is appropriate to the demand. At some point we need to plan less and act more. Speed ​​is one of the indicators of a successful professional, and of course, speed without giving up quality.

As your nature is reluctant to change, you need to understand that the world is becoming less stable and change is no longer an option for survival. Rest assured, change can be good and you will be amazed at your own growth.

How to Deal with a Planner Woman

What to do?

  • Establish a clear and logical dialogue of what is expected. Planners need clear and well-detailed communication. Accurate and consistent information is critical to good performance.
  • Value feelings and use words of encouragement. Planners value the relationship with people and what they offer like no one else. Be loyal and create a safe environment.
  • As far as possible, offer a steady and steady work rate. Leading her to specialization can increase her performance.
  • Friendly leaders who offer support gain the membership and loyalty of the planner profile. Democratic, motivating leaders who exercise authority by teaching and influence rather than force achieve excellent results with women planners.

What not to do?

  • Lack of support and intolerance. Women planners they need to feel understood and accepted. Intolerance can cause you to lose a planner's membership forever. And detail: You will hardly know that.
  • Sudden changes and extremely volatile environments can paralyze or demotivate too much. Changing the physical environment, staff, or even leadership several times can reduce the performance of this group of women.
  • Press it too hard. Women planners know and act well under pressure as long as it is constant and not too high. Again, lack of foresight can compromise results.
  • Insert it into a very hostile environment. Cream pacifiers, the planners they are potentially uncomfortable in environments that are very aggressive. Discussions among colleagues, even not directly involving them, can affect the emotional of this profile.

Next week we will finish our series with the last profile: As Women Analysts. Until then!

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