Women's boxing

O boxing It has always been known as a men-only sport, but it has also won with women for a while. Now women are betting on the activity to burn calories and keep the body fit.

Those who don't like to stay still can try the female boxing without fear. Besides being a very busy activity, it helps to relieve the stress of everyday life, not to mention that the sport improves fitness.

Boxing works all over the body and brings benefits such as improved localized muscular endurance and lumbar muscles, increased cardiorespiratory capacity and motor coordination.

O boxing for women It also works a lot on the abdomen, thins the waist, defines legs, calves and especially the arms.

If you want to take boxing lessons but you think you're going to be full-body, it's time to change your mind.

It is worth noting that in women's boxing training there are no exercises with load, only with many repetitions. This provides strength and body definition without working on hypertrophy, ie without generating muscles. The body only gains muscle if boxing is associated with bodybuilding.

When the activity is done diligently and correctly, one hour of boxing helps burn up to 660 calories.

In order to practice the activities correctly and avoid injuries, you need to wear comfortable clothing and necessary accessories, such as the specific boxing glove.

As with all physical activity, there are restrictions and it is necessary to pass a physical evaluation before practicing the exercises. People with high blood pressure problem, muscle injuries and joint problems need expert advice.

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