Women think of being a mother ever earlier

Many changes in the behavior of society have occurred in this 21st century, and one of the most striking is a conflict that occurs for women with regard to: Does professional success match motherhood?

Answering this question is not an easy thing. First, for the fiercest feminists, women struggled hard to reach their place in the sun, and yet there is research showing that women and men with the same purpose and curriculum earn different wages, men earn more. Thus feminists feel that women should not slow down work to reconcile motherhood, this new phase should be shared equally with the husband.

Of course, we are talking about this question for class A and B women, where family income allows you to make a choice. In fact, current research shows that women in class C want and find the pursuit of professional advancement more important.

Well, if we were to think coldly about the first question, I think it might even be easy to answer it. If we are talking about a woman with purchasing power, we would think, but this woman can not hire a great nanny? So, I ask you again: will your child have his mother characteristics, or his babysitter?

Not so much to heaven, not so much to earth, let's think together of some possibilities.

A good tip for women who are professionals is to reconcile their time, to keep working, to have their salary and their satisfaction, but to fit it all into a routine with the child, for example: take or pick up at school, take care of the issues. , take care of the extra activities, food, and of course play, love, enjoy your child a lot.

Another great tip for women who work with scheduled hours (are employees) is to create schedules that reconcile their professional activities with the child's activities. I think these women face different difficulties, because they will not always be able to fulfill the planned with the child. Seek times to take care of yourself and rest, for the time scheduled with the child, your mind to be focused, to love, play and educate your child very much.

Well, it sounds so basic and obvious, doesn't it? But then I ask you, can you, who are already a mother, make a planning to have exclusive time for your child? Time to put it into practice is often not an easy task.

That is why we refer to the title: Women think of being a mother at an earlier age. Current research shows that women are considering becoming a mother and then betting everything on working life. During the beginning of motherhood, these women spend their time studying, dedicating themselves to creating situations and maintaining a circle of relationships, to keep up with their profession and what is happening in the world. This possibility is also a tip, to have your child early, to take care of your profession planning to return to the job market and to organize your schedules, your life of mother, woman (who can not leave behind) .

You who are already a mother, tell your experience!

Are you thinking of being a mother, have you planned your professional life?

Moana Freitas

Bill Burr - Motherhood Isn't The Hardest Job (April 2021)

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