Wooden Toys: 7 Brands You Need To Know

Toys are part of children's lives, provide insights, stimulate the imagination, and aid in the development of perception and motor skills.

If you are a mother, aunt or grandmother, you will be delighted by these brands that produce wooden toys. It's one more beautiful and fun than the other!

1. Maternal Studio

A small wooden toy factory made up of enterprising mothers. This is how partners Carol Moreira and Bruna Chervezan describe their business. They founded Atelier Materno in August 2015 and to this day they distribute sweetness and love through each toy they create.

Where to buy

Sales are made only by Ateliê Materno's online store.

2. Genius Educational Toys

Genios seeks to create high quality educational toys that enhance the social and pedagogical development of the little ones. The variety of toys is very wide and there is no shortage of colors and good taste!

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Where to buy

Sales are made only by the Genios online store.

3. Hergg Toys

HERGG seeks to promote family integration, social commitment and harmony with the environment. All toys are made of legalized wood and painted with non-toxic paint. Just take it out of the box and imagine!

Where to buy

  • Nina Educational Toys
  • The Cockroach Says It Has
  • Magic Factory
  • Biciquétinha

4. Carlu Toys

Carlu is an educational and educational toy industry in Toledo (PR) run by teacher Carmen Ost. The idea is that toys and games develop skills such as language, logical reasoning, reading and writing. In addition to wood, they also produce felt, MDF and EVA products.

Where to buy

  • Tricae
  • Mobly
  • House of Education
  • Extra

5. Hape

Hape is a German company that produces and distributes toys made of sustainable materials, including wood. With sales in more than 50 countries, they believe that neither culture nor language nor genre can inhibit the natural and intuitive process of play.

Where to buy

  • Baby Toys
  • Bambalalão
  • Mimoo Toys

6. Kitopeq

Kitopeq toys are 100% made from reforestation wood, resulting in lightweight, safe parts that are easy for children to handle. The brand's desire is to rescue the natural way of playing: simply.

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Where to buy

  • The Cockroach Says It Has
  • Tricae
  • Stork class
  • Bambalalão

7. New Art of Brazil

New Art started as a wood massager factory in 1998. They entered the toy market in 2006 to create more creative and healthier pieces for children.

Where to buy

  • The Cockroach Says It Has
  • Tricae
  • Kits and Gifts
  • Mini Scientist

Options abound! Now just start shopping and finding the right toy for your child!

Why are wooden toys such a great idea?

  • Wood is a natural and non-toxic material;
  • The toys are sturdy;
  • They are less dangerous;
  • They are environmentally friendly;
  • They can please different ages;
  • They stimulate creativity;

Convinced to bet on wooden toys for your little one or your little one? Even you will want to play!

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