Wooden Weddings: Inspirations to Celebrate the Five Years of Marriage

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After marriage there are many reasons to celebrate. With five years of marriage, at the so-called wooden wedding, it is possible to look back and remember the trajectory of the union. What was done during this period? It may have happened the conquest of their own home, the birth of their children, trips, parties, in short, each couple has their own story.

For you the wedding can not go blank? Are you one of those who believe that everything that gives good memories deserves to be celebrated? If so, check out the true date setting and many inspirations for its celebration:

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Meaning of the Wooden Wedding

Each wedding has a specific element, offering a special value to date. When the union turns five, it is time to celebrate the wooden wedding. The element? Wood? It has a strong meaning for the relationship: this time together was enough to strengthen them, taking even deeper roots for the years to come.

Celebrating half a decade is also cause for reflection. During this period when you went through various moments of your life, probably some? or even many? difficulties. Still, they resisted and are still married. In comparison, wood also has this meaning: There are external factors that can damage it, such as fire or water in abundance, but with solid construction it can withstand them.

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15 Ideas to Celebrate Your Wooden Wedding

There are many options for you to celebrate the date. If you want to prepare a surprise for your loved one, get excited about these ideas:

1. Romantic Dinner

Romantic dinner is always a great choice. If, besides the menu, the decoration is also fundamental for you, use items that make reference to the date. You can use leaves and even branches, elements that resemble nature. A bamboo cutlery set is also all about the occasion. To top it off, use sousplat and napkin holders in the same rustic style.

2. For a special night, wine

How about tasting a tasty wine to complement the dinner? The celebration can be even more special if you choose a bottle with the vintage of the wedding year! One detail that makes all the difference is the corks: as they are made from the bark of the tree, it is all about the symbology of wood.

3. Picnic

You can surprise with all the charm of a picnic. An alfresco meal in the middle of nature is a perfect match for the celebration. Rustic wood-like décor can be found in the basket and cutlery.

4. Time to celebrate with the whole family

If in the last five years the family has grown, why not celebrate with everyone together? Little ones usually love outdoor games, but not only are they going to have fun!

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5. Celebrate the wooden wedding with party!

If you love a hustle and bustle, five years of marriage can be the perfect date for a party. But if you prefer a more intimate event, that's fine. What matters is to use items in the decoration that make reference to this moment. And what can not miss the party? The cake! And when he gets the wedding theme, the result is delightful.

6. Plan a romantic trip

Do you know that destiny you dream of knowing? Wooden weddings can be a good reason to fulfill this wish. Now for adventurous couples, a lodging that is all about the moment is a tree house. That's right, all made of wood!

7. A room with a fireplace just for you

If you like cold days, one option you might like is to visit a hotel or hostel that has a fireplace in the room. Synonymous with warmth, it goes a long way with the wedding that will be celebrated.

8. Room flavoring makes the mood more special

For those who think of all the details, it is worth seducing the soul mate also by smell. A fragrance with the wood fragrance is sophisticated and makes the atmosphere more pleasant.

9. Woody Perfumes Can Please

Okay, perfume is a very personal thing. But with five years of marriage, you can tell which is the favorite fragrance of your love, is not it? For those who are fans of the woody olfactory family, it is worth betting on this option, as it represents the theme well.

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10. A painting for those who love decoration

Surprises for the wooden wedding can come in the form of a frame! Is the gift ideal for those who love to decorate their home, and gain even greater significance when expressing all love? and tune? that exists between you.

11. Wooden words that express love

Another suggestion, which also has to do with decoration, is to present with words made of wood. The interesting thing here is to be original, choosing a term that is part of the couple's life. It is a gift that can be used in various rooms of the house, either in the bedroom or on a bookcase in the living room.

12. Vase with plants symbolizes the wedding

Another option for decorating the house is a wooden vase. This gift represents everything the couple has achieved so far: the relationship that is already? Rooted? and what will still flourish.

13. Sculpture to eternalize the date

Still thinking of leaving the house with the couple's way, the wood carving will symbolize the wedding. A carved tree, by the way, has a great meaning: it represents the two-built life already built and all the transformations ahead.

14. Surprise with a box? and what's in it!

The wooden box already says a lot about the wedding celebration. However, the gift can gain even more importance depending on what you put inside it. It can be jewelry, watch, perfume or a card with a message that represents all the love of this union. What counts here is to use creativity!

15. Covenant to renew love

The covenant has all sentimental value and is one of the strongest symbols of marriage. For the five year anniversary, presenting with the wooden ring is a way to reinvigorate the love that exists between you.

What did you think of all these wooden wedding surprises? In putting any of these into practice, surely the celebration of the five years of marriage will be quite special.

14 wooden wedding phrases to prove your love

In addition to all these inspirations, there are even more tips for you: phrases that will make the mood even more romantic! We have selected several to inspire you to write a card or send a message. Enjoy!

  1. Let us be the wood that comes from the tree that teaches us so much. Its leaves grow, fall, but insist on returning, and are born renewed. It's like marriage, always changing, but with its roots in the ground, never wanting to leave this place.
  2. We celebrate half a decade of a lifetime that we will have together.
  3. A hand full of years of marriage and a heart full of love for you.
  4. For five years I have understood the true meaning of loving and being loved completely.
  5. True love never wears out. The more you give the more you have.
  6. A successful marriage requires falling in love several times, but always with the same person.
  7. And never, anywhere in the world, will there be anyone who makes me happy as well as you make me.
  8. There are only two moments when I want to be with you: now and forever.
  9. This day deserves a special toast. May happiness always be very close to both of us. And may our love for each other grow stronger every day. Happy Birthday to us!
  10. In the last five years, I've found five million reasons to believe that our love is for life.
  11. May this be our destiny: to love, live, and start every day together.
  12. On this very special day, I want to remember how important you are to me. You are my inspiration, my soul mate. I will love you forever. Happy wedding anniversary!
  13. Five years ago, I made my best choice: marry you!
  14. It is so good to find the love of your life every day in the same person.

Since everything that gives good memories deserves a special celebration, make the wedding anniversary the perfect date to show all your love and strengthen unity.

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