Yamasterol: Know the formula and benefits of each version of the cream.

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If you are looking for a hair product that is both good and cheap, Yamasterol will please you. He has been a woman's head for decades and, despite being low cost, should not be underestimated. Learn more about it and see if it is worth inserting into your hair care routine.

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What is Yamasterol? What is your composition?

On the market since 1967, Yamasterol cream has been used for generations. The traditional version is hopscotch, but there are already other options on the market. Because of its low purchase value, it turns out not to be the first choice of many of us. But the time has come to change the concept that only expensive products are good!

The original Yamasterol is based on its composition aloe, which is a natural antioxidant. Also known as Aloe Vera, this plant aids in hair treatment by making the hair stick better to the scalp, reducing the fall. It also makes hair stronger and less brittle.

Aloe Vera also has enzymes that promote the removal of dead scalp cells, aiding in the elimination of dandruff. Added to all this, it is an important source of moisture for the hair. But the cream has other components besides aloe vera. Know the main ones:

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  1. D-Panthenol: responsible for promoting and maintaining hydration in the hair, making them brighter;
  2. Cetrimonium Cloride: emollient extracted from coconut that conditions hair and reduces frizz;
  3. Vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and B13: help maintain the natural and healthy greasiness of the hair; strengthen the wires avoiding the fall; collaborate with collagen production; prevent the growth of white hair and restore the capillary structure.

To top it off, the Yamasterol cream formula has neither paraffin nor silicone, plus one more guarantee that it will not harm your hair.

Yamasterol Benefits

You can see that Yamasterol has important yarn health assets, right? Learn more about the benefits it can bring to your hair.

  1. Hydration: Yamasterol cream can be used alone or to enhance your moisturizing mask. Either way, the result is a more hydrated and shiny hair.
  2. Nutrition: If your yarn is frizzy or asking for good nutrition, Yamasterol can also help you, especially the Argan version. It can be used as a co-wash, conditioner, pre-shampoo or treatment mask.
  3. Reconstruction:The hair is exposed daily to various damages, which causes them to open their cuticles and lose water and natural oils. With this, they tend to lose definition, becoming brittle. Keratin and Hydrolyzed Protein versions help cuticle sealing, leaving your hair protected.
  4. Curls: Regardless of your type of cream, Yamasterol helps define it without leaving your hair looking that heavy. Who has hair with this texture ensures hydrated and detangled curls. You can also use it in finishing techniques such as stripping and dedoliss.
  5. Cost benefit: Because it can be used in many ways, you have multiple products in one, and you can use it at every stage of your hair schedule. It is a great economy!

With all this, impossible not to give the product a chance, right? Get to know their major versions and see if any of them are what you are looking for.

Yamasterol Types

Now it's time to know all the variations of the cream and see which one is best for the current phase of your hair.

1. Yellow (Yamasterol Babosa)

This is the first product in the line and also the best known. Its formula is made of aloe based and is perfect for the hydration step of the schedule. It is suitable for any type of hair and in various stages of daily care: as a conditioner, pre-shampoo, moisturizing mask, finisher and mask enhancer!

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2. Rose (Yamasterol Keratin)

The? Rosinha? from the line came as an alternative to the traditional yellowish. If you need to rebuild your wires, it's worth a try. Besides having all the benefits of traditional, it also has keratin in its formula, helping in protein replacement. It can be used on all hair types and in co-wash and less poo processes, leaving the hair beautiful, strong and shiny.

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3. Blue (Yamasterol Hydrolyzed Protein)

Ideal for dry and chemically treated hair, the bleach of the line has the same formula as the traditional one with the addition of hydrolyzed protein. Its main function is to rebuild damaged wires, protecting them from external damage. If you are platinum or grayish blonde, you know how much the process of getting the perfect color can damage your hair. The purpose of this cream is to help recover the hair and make them healthier.

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4. Golden (Yamasterol Argan)

Yamasterol Argan is widely used by those seeking nutrition because its components help reduce frizz and hold hydration longer. This also helps maintain the structure of your hair, preventing breakage. It is rich in Omega 6, essential fatty acids, antioxidant and vitamin E, which helps protect your hair from the sun, pollution and damage to flat iron and dryer.

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Yamasterol Reviews

Yamasterol creams are a hot topic for bloggers. Learn some opinions and experiences of those who have used the product:

The Four Types of Yamasterol

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Youtuber Bia Siqueira, from the channel Ficar Gata, made an amazing review comparing the four creams of the line. Understand more about each one.

Comparative Review of Yamasterol Types

And who followed the same path was Hanna Miyzaki, making an incredible comparison between products.

Yamasterol: the cheap darling

Julia Doorman of the Queen Hair channel tested Yamasterol's traditional cream and talked about how we ended up setting it aside on the shelves.

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10 Different Ways To Use Yamasterol

Who also chose to talk only about hopscotch was Kety Ginger, but she brought 10 ways on how to use this powerful cream.

Wonderful hydration with cheap product

Andressa from Dedessa Tips also decided to test the hopscotch when it found that it costs only $ 3.00. Just look what she found.

Yamasterol cream can be a versatile and very efficient option to treat your hair. Lightweight, it is also perfect for use before and after the sea bath or pool.

Now that you know all aspects of Yamasterol, you can decide if it's worth taking home. It is important to remember that each hair reacts in a way, so it is important to test and draw your own conclusions.


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