Yoga in the sauna

THE yoga It is a meditative practice that promises to be beneficial in many ways, especially in relieving stress and anxiety. In addition, yoga assists in the development of concentration and flexibility, having a positive impact on the practitioner's quality of life and health.

Thinking of enhancing these benefits, a new method was created that combines the benefits of yoga practice with the action of high temperatures. In this new technique, yoga movements are done in a room heated up to 39 degrees Celsius, as if it were a yoga in the sauna, that's why it's called hot yoga.

What makes yoga even better for your health when practiced in a warm room is the power of heat to make your muscles more pliable and flexible, allowing yoga movements to shape body building from the inside to the inside. outside, ie from bones to skin and from fingers to toes.

In addition to the positive aspects of traditional yoga, the hot yoga It also helps lessen chronic pain such as scoliosis while high temperatures aid in eliminating toxins from the body. Other advantage of hot yoga is that it can be practiced by anyone of any age, whether in groups or individually.

It is further believed that yoga in the sauna It is an exercise that is good not only for the body but also for the mind as it helps to decrease stress caused by stress.

Sauna Yoga (April 2021)

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