By name, you can already see that the sport combines the benefits of yoga and pilates, two activities already well known and gaining more and more fans in search of fitness.

Yogilates are ideal for those who want to take care of their body and mind as best they can, as they integrate the best of both techniques: using yoga meditation and pilates exercises.

With frequent practice, the activity offers the benefits of conventional workouts such as a slimmer waist, firm body, toned muscles and a defined abdomen.

But yogic exercises not only work the body, but also the physical and emotional balance of the person. The combination of yoga and pilates allows you to relax, improve posture, flexibility and self-control.

The yogilat class begins with warm-up, made with movements that stimulate concentration and breathing, which is one of the main focuses of attention. Stretches made during training tune the movements with the breath, thus becoming less tiring and more invigorating.

To get the benefits and feel the results, it is advisable to practice yogilates at least twice a week.

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