Hyperhidrosis: When Sweat Is a hindrance

The summer is comming! For most, this is cause for joy. Holidays, sun, sports in the evening, happy hour with friends. After all, in hot weather, it is easier to enjoy the day. However, for some people the arrival of heat is a cause of tension. For those who have hyperhidrosis, summer can be embarrassing.

THE hyperhidrosis is a condition characterized by excessive sweatto the point of causing social discomfort or limitation. There are people in whom sweat prevents them from wearing sandals, by slipping their feet, from taking paper with their hands, as it wets, or they do not wear colored shirts due to underarm sweat. They always have wet hands, feet or armpits. It can transform everyday actions, such as taking a paper or holding a hand, in absolutely awkward situations.

The treatment can be done by thoracic surgery, in which a nerve is cut inside the chest to reduce sweat. However, there are cases in which sweat begins to affect another region after surgery.

For those who don't think about surgery or don't have time for it before summer, there is a good alternative. Treatment with botulinum toxin, known as Botox®, can greatly alleviate this suffering.

THE botulinum toxin, applied by injection in the region where the sweat is excessive, produces great reduction of sweat production in a few days. The duration of the effect is variable and lasts on average around 6 months. The results are often rewarding, as almost all of those who do the treatment return to reapply.

Fear and sweating in Hot Pakistan (April 2021)

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