Learn how to light your bathroom

In addition to the decoration, bathroom lighting It is also one of the important elements to make the environment harmonious and cozy.

When building or renovating this intimate room of the house, you need to be aware of some tips not to make mistakes. So follow some tips on how to light up your bathroom.

For the lighting to be perfect, remember that it must be practical and functional. Light sources should preferably be placed on the sides of the bathroom mirror to avoid shadows on the face.

But if you prefer, place an elongated lamp with several small lamps over the mirror to balance the illumination.

The general light in the bathroom ceiling should be indirect. For small bathrooms, the light around the mirror may be sufficient, while for larger bathrooms, the light play should be stronger.

Both artificial and natural lighting are necessary for a bathroom. Therefore, when tidying the environment, pay close attention to places that have light entrances and avoid blocking these spaces that give complete freedom to the room. natural lighting log in.

Bathroom Lighting Guide (April 2021)

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