Furoshiki: the art of wrapping with fabric

Furoshiki is an ancient Japanese art in storing fabrics that has recently been widespread in western countries and has been very successful for its practicality and beauty.

The growing concern for the environment and the acceptance of the use of ecological bag practices are some of the reasons that made artisans and admirers of philosophy? Do it yourself? bring to light ancient Japanese technique in finding ways to make creative and personalized cloth bags.

Because it is possible to reuse wipes and cloths that previously had other purposes, furoshiki is an ally of the concept of sustainability.

Because furoshiki creation techniques have a tasteful end result, it has become a fashion accessory and has been used on many occasions.

One of the benefits of knowing how to make furoshiki, and which attracts many fans, is that it is possible, within minutes, to turn scarves, sarongs and scarves that have their favorite prints into perfect bags to match the look and gift wrap with a special touch of affection, for example.

Furoshiki has been used as a swimwear partner, as it allows kangas to become handbags, but depending on the fabric and pattern used, handbags created with this technique can also accompany more formal looks.

Anyone still wondering whether or not to seek to learn the art of furoshiki should know that the difficulty of learning is almost none, since it is not necessary to know how to sew, and that the process can be undone without damaging the fabric.

The material needed to make furoshiki is also very simple: any square fabric. It is only recommended that the choice of fabric material type is according to the weight to be loaded. The types of fabric considered by experts to be the most versatile are viscose and silk, because they have a better fit.

In furoshiki making, the fabric will be folded and tied with? Magic knots? that will make it possible to form various models of bags and packages. According to Sofia Nanka Kamatani, a designer specializing in traditional Japanese packaging, learning how to make the? Magic knot? furoshiki is the fundamental step: "It is of paramount importance because it is a sturdy knot, but one that we can easily untie."

Step by step to make the? Magic knot? from furoshiki

  • Hold two extreme ends of a fabric;
  • Place the left end over the right;
  • Pass the right end under the left around it;
  • Now put the right end over the left;
  • And wrap the left end under the right around it.

Designer Sofia Nanka Kamatani's tip is to name one end of the fabric of reason and the other of emotion and follow poetry twice: "Heart overlaps reason, reason surrounds the heart."

Now that you like furoshiki's magic knot, enjoy and enjoy three videos from Japanese researcher Etsuko Yamada, one of the top experts on the topic, teaching some of the possible models:

Japanese Furoshiki: How to wrap boxes (March 2021)

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