Is an antidepressant there?

It is not uncommon to find these days people who still believe that psychiatrist and psychologist are meant for the? Crazy? and so have not sought proper treatment to alleviate their suffering, or worse, take medicine without medical advice.

The market of psychiatric medications It is vast, and it is known today that psychiatric illnesses may be related to the lack of some substances (neurotransmitters) that make communication between brain cells (neurons). The psychotropic they precisely rebalance the concentration of these neurotransmitters. There are six main classes of psychiatric medications:

  • Antidepressantsin cases of depression;
  • Stimulants, used to treat disorders such as attention deficit disorder, etc .;
  • Antipsychotics, which are used to treat psychosis, schizophrenia and mania;
  • Mood stabilizer, used to treat bipolar disorder;
  • Anxiolytics, used to treat anxiety disorders;
  • Depressants, which are used as hypnotics, sedatives.

Because they are caused by a chemical imbalance, some psychiatric illnesses may improve with the use of appropriate medications over a period of time, usually within the first weeks of treatment the improvement is already noticeable. Side effects vary by medication, in most cases they are mild and disappear shortly after starting treatment (eg nausea, dry mouth, insomnia).

Among the most common complaints of psychiatric offices are the anxiety and the depression. In these cases, the performance of medications can make psychotherapy more effective, as they reduce symptoms and facilitate interaction within therapy.

For example, if a person has a high anxiety picture, they may have difficulty concentrating and communicating with the therapist (the anxious can never live in the present, are always concerned about the future) and even expose themselves to the social skills that are. compromised in such cases. Medication will help the patient to reduce symptoms, and thus respond to psychotherapy more appropriately.

Therefore, medication and psychotherapy must go hand in hand, so decreasing the drug is always associated with the evolution of therapy.

The prescription of the drug should be made by a psychiatrist, who after an initial interview will indicate the medicine and the specific dose for each case, so you should not use the medicine of the friend, mother, neighbor because it is having? Effect? and believe that you will have the same result. Psychologists cannot prescribe any kind of medication.

It is important to say that psychiatry has made great progress in its treatments, not long ago people were subjected to electroshock in psychiatric hospitals (the movie "Seven-Headed Animal" portrays this moment very well) and that drugs are now the result of long research. which make it possible to use a more efficient psychopharmaceutical with fewer side effects.

However, they are nonetheless a drug that should not be seen as "happiness pills", where there is one to be happy, another to be calm, another to sleep. It is necessary to find the cause of psychic suffering through psychotherapy and not to hide symptoms through medication.

Rapid Antidepressant Actions of Special K. Toward a New Pharmacotherapy of Depression (April 2021)

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