Long bob: 148 photos to fall in love with the cut

Hair has a very intimate relationship with our interior, after all has the power to convey different images and versions of each individual, translating delicacy, attitude, modernity, professionalism and many other characteristics.

The structure of your hair, your face shape and your personality all contribute to choosing the ideal cut. And that's why the long bob cut has gained popularity. Her versatility has won over women of different ages, lifestyles, colors and hair types.

Bruno Piovan, beauty artist of the C.Kamura Campinas salon, explains that the long bob was widely used in the 90's and came back revamped. In the most modern version of the cut, the threads are shoulder length and have a straight base, but depending on the desired effect the cut can be styled in different ways. "As suggested by many different effects, the long bob has become synonymous with practicality and has become one of the most widely used cuts among the famous," he says.

According to the hair expert, long bob is a great choice for women who want to add modernity to the look, but without major changes, because the medium length brings personality and even allows you to make hairstyles at parties, create a more serious look or adopt a look more stripped and for everyday life.

Check out beautiful long bobs photos on different hair styles and types, see tips on each cut adaptation and get inspired to change your look:

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Long smooth bob (30 photos)

For women with straight locks, the desire is often for hair with more movement and volume, but the long bob in straight strands creates a striking look that exudes elegance. "Straight hair is more powerful, the extremely straight look looks elegant and chic," says the beauty artist.

Long Wavy Bob (44 Photos)

The wavy long bob is the darling, after all the look is romantic, stripped, modern and also sexy. Those who have wavy hair can use a wax, ointment or a spray with seawater, which will give a nice texture. Another option is to make curls or use babyliss to get wavy ?, teaches Bruno.

Long Curly Bob (27 photos)

Already who has the curls? Factory direct? can abuse the natural volume of the wires. Although the long bob is not very apparent, the medium strands combined with the curls are amazing.

Expert Bruno Piovan's tip is to use a leave-in to activate the curls and make them even more powerful.

Long colored bob (47 photos)

The colored yarns already guarantee a lot of personality and, in a modern and versatile cut like the long bob, it is possible to create countless combinations. Platinum, coloring the entire hair in one color, coloring only the ends or creating color mixes are some of the possibilities.

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What is not lacking is inspiration to change the look and adopt a style that reflects the woman you want to be. If you want practical, modern hair that can fit your mood and your everyday life, long bob can be a good choice!


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