What you need to know about Private Pension

Frequent problems faced by public welfare make every day more people turn to private pension to ensure a peaceful retirement and free of bad surprises.

But still many airborne questions about private pension plans what is the ideal plan and how much time is needed to invest to ensure a return at least consistent with the needs of the best age.

In private pension, there are two plans called PGBL (Free Benefit Generating Plan) and VGBL (Life Benefit Free Generator), these allow a accumulation of resources over a certain period of time. During this period, its resources are invested and monetized by an insurer.

Both plans have two phases: the first in which you make equity, generating income, and the second, in which you benefit from your pension plan by redeeming these funds.

Difference Between PGBL and VGBL

The biggest difference between PGBL and VGBL it is in taxation. At the PGBL plan, you can deduct from your income tax calculation basis the amount you use on contributions, with a limit of 12% of your annual gross income.

This way you can pay a lower amount of IR or increase your IR refund. However, the PGBL is more suitable for those who declare the IR in the full form and is taxed at source. An example of Advantage of PGBL Plan:

How much you pay IR without the PGBL plan

  • Declared Annual Income: R $ 100,000
  • Tax: R $ 19,186.65

How much do you pay from IR with the PGBL plan

  • Annual Income: R $ 100,000
  • Investment in PGBL: R $ 12,000
  • IR Calculation Basis: R $ 88,000
  • Tax: R $ 15,886.65
  • The IR on the remaining R $ 12,000 invested in PGBL, which were deducted from its calculation base, will only be paid upon redemption of this money.

Already the VGBL plan It is best suited for those who make the simplified income tax return or those who are not taxed at source, such as self-employed workers. With VGBL, you can invest more than 12% of your gross pension income and diversify your investments. This is because in the VGBL plan taxation is made on the capital gain you have.

PGBL and VGBL Investment Simulations

Banco do Brasil simulation? PGBL

  • Current age: 30 years old
  • Monthly contribution amount: R $ 300,00
  • Contribution time: 30 years
  • Age beginning to receive benefits: 60 years
  • Accumulated Amount: R $ 405,094.85
  • Income earned: R $ 2,911.92 per month for 15 years.
  • Plan: PGBL Life Cycle 2040

Banco do Brasil simulation? VGBL

  • Current age: 14
  • Monthly contribution amount: R $ 100.00
  • Contribution time: 46 years
  • Age beginning to receive benefits: 60 years
  • Accumulated Amount: R $ 491,687.00
  • Income earned: R $ 3,586.80 per month for 15 years.
  • Plan: VGBL Life Cycle 2040

Anyway, before choosing your private pension planRemember that these are long term financial applications. Therefore, if the taxpayer decides to redeem the amount early, this investment may not be advantageous because the tax rate may be higher than others. long term investment funds available on the market. Therefore, consult with various insurers and find out which one is best for you.

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