Wine lipstick

The strong colors on the lips continue in full force this winter. In addition to the red, which is a classic of the season, a trend that has appeared in recent fashion seasons and was well accepted by fashionistas is that of wine lipstick.

The more closed red version in grape tone comes as a color option that should fall in the taste of women and is the right choice for those who want an elegant look.

O wine lipstick It has the face of winter. In glossy or matte cover, it can be worn by any woman, but you need to be careful.

Tip to use wine lipstick

The main tip about how to use wine lipstick It's about eye makeup.

Since the mouth will stand out a lot with the wine lipstickIdeally, use lighter shades for eye make-up. This avoids leaving the face too heavy.

For smooth eyes, use nude eyeshadow and eyelash mask. If you want a bold and very luxurious option, combine the wine mouth with shadow in shades of gold.

A trick for make wine lipstick last longer is to use contour pencil first. After passing the pencil, use a brush to apply the lipstick.

Wine Lip Tints Review | TINA TRIES IT (February 2020)

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