11 Amazing Celery Benefits and Delicious Recipes for Everyday Life

Popular for giving an extra refreshing and natural flavor to a wide variety of dishes, celery, also known as celery, offers incredible health benefits, is versatile, easy to find and used in cooking.

Nutritionist Caroline Yoshioka, Midway Labs nutritionist, postgraduate in Applied Exercise Nutrition from EEFE / USP and Master from USJT / SP, comments that celery is a plant consumed as a vegetable that has antioxidant properties, vitamins A, B , C, E, K, potassium, sodium, phosphorus and calcium.

Carolina comments that celery stalk, leaves and root can be eaten. "Another way to use them is by infusing ten grams, no more, into a cup of water," he says.

Celery is widely used today in the preparation of so-called green juices, great allies in the process of weight loss and good health in general. But the benefits of this plant go far beyond!

11 Amazing Benefits of Celery

Here are some good reasons to include celery in your diet!

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1. Slimming Ally: According to Caroline, celery is considered an important food for weight loss as it has high fiber content and low calorie, thus contributing to the feeling of satiety as well. "Celery or celery contains dietary fiber, low fat and protein, and its composition is basically 95% water," he explains.

2. Ally of good intestinal functioning: The nutritionist explains that celery still has laxative power, which balances the gastrointestinal tract. "That is, its fibers help regulate the intestines and decrease swelling," he says.

3. Rich in vitamins and minerals: Celery is rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, K, as well as potassium, sodium, phosphorus and calcium. All this contributes to overall good health.

4. Kidney Friend: Rich in water, celery has diuretic properties and is also helpful in removing toxins from the kidney, helping to prevent problems related to this organ (preventing kidney stones from forming, for example). It is widely used in cases of uric acid control.

5. Ally of good digestion: Celery contributes to proper digestive functioning and can even help relieve intestinal gases.

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6. Anti-inflammatory Power: With anti-inflammatory properties, celery can help, for example, lessen joint pain, lung infections and even acne.

7. Good for eyesight: A source of vitamin A, celery can also help protect the eyes and prevent age-related degeneration.

8. Bad cholesterol reduction: Celery has components that help reduce bad cholesterol, this of course when consumed frequently.

9. Antioxidant Power: The antioxidants and celery compounds can help fight some cancers by removing free radicals in the body.

10. Ally of cardiovascular health: Celery is also composed of phthalides that, in addition to helping to lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, providing healthy cardiovascular support.

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11. Strengthening the Immune System: A source of vitamin C, in addition to the presence of antioxidants, the frequent consumption of celery contributes to strengthen the immune system, preventing, for example, the person catch cold, among other diseases.

It is worth noting that to enjoy the benefits of celery, it must be consumed frequently and within a balanced diet (preferably with the guidance of a health professional). Although there is no problem regarding their sporadic consumption.

Celery and Weight Loss

As expert Caroline has already pointed out, celery can indeed be a good ally in the weight loss process due to its dietary fiber, low calories and its 95% water composition. Moreover, it is a versatile vegetable that can be consumed in many ways.

One known way to enjoy the benefits of celery for weight loss is to take celery tea. The nutritionist passes the recipe below:


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  • 1 whole celery
  • 2 liters of water

How to prepare

Cut the base of a whole celery. Wash and cook in approximately two liters of water. Bring to a boil for half an hour. With water reduced by half, you will have approximately one liter. Strain and can take!

Celery is also commonly used in juices.And nutritionist Caroline's tip is the following recipe for celery / celery watermelon juice:


  • 1 glass of watermelon juice
  • 2 celery stalks

How to prepare

Cut the ends of the stalk and add all ingredients in a blender. Beat well and just take.

Although it may be an ally in the weight loss process, it is worth remembering that celery alone will not make anyone lose weight. It needs to be included in a healthy and balanced diet, preferably guided by a healthcare professional.

More celery recipes for you to try

Celery (or celery) is widely used in various recipes, offering a light and refreshing flavor to the dishes. Get inspired by the ideas below:

Main dishes

1. Celery Potatoes: To make this special dish, you will only use olive oil, chopped garlic, freshly chopped parsley, skinless, seedless tomatoes, red pepper, chopped celery, peeled potatoes, slices of bread and salt.

2. Potatoes Stuffed with Bacon, Zucchini and Celery: A mouth-watering gourmet potato. In addition to the main ingredients, you will use olive oil, onion, garlic, pepper, salt, nutmeg, cream or milk and sliced ​​or grated cheddar cheese.

3. Nuts terrine: A delicious option for those who like to innovate in the kitchen. You will use mushrooms, olive oil, onions, celery, leeks, vegetable stock, chopped nuts, fresh herbs, eggs, breadcrumbs, salt and pepper.

4. Medallions of hake with celery: a practical and delicious recipe. The use of celery makes all the difference as it makes the locket very fragrant. The tip is to serve with white rice.

5. Salmon, cashew and celery ceviche: A refreshing and light dish. This ceviche takes salmon, red onion, lemon juice, celery (celery) and ripe cashew. Different and tasty, for those who love to impress in cooking!

6. Baked fish with eggplant and celery: a different and tasty option, ideal for those who love fish. You will use fish in slices, olive oil, tomatoes, onions, garlic, red peppers, white wine, cayenne pepper, allspice, celery, eggplant, salt and breadcrumbs.

7. Pasta with tomatoes, celery and aliche: This recipe is almost a puttanesque. It is a pasta with fresh tomatoes, garlic, celery, olives, capers and aliche. Great choice for a weekend lunch!

8. Leek and Celery Fettuccine: With easy preparation, this is another option for those who can't resist good pasta! You will use fettuccine, celery, leek, butter, milk, grated Parmesan, salt, black pepper and nutmeg.

9. Dried tomato risotto and celery: A dish full of flavor and worth a full meal. But if you want, you can top it off with an arugula salad, which is sure to further enhance the flavor and beauty of this dish.

10. Shrimp risotto with leeks and celery: The recipe is made in three parts, but neither is extremely complicated or laborious and best of all you will only use a pan to make this delicious dish.

11. Cod-risotto with peas and celery: The recipe yields six people and you will use arboreal rice, onions, white wine, unsalted butter, vegetable or fish broth, grated Parmesan cheese, fresh celery, cod chips , salt, black pepper and snow peas.

12. Roast Chicken with Celery and Carrots: A good way to vary your chicken intake. You will use a whole chicken, onions, lemon, rosemary, thyme, celery, carrots, garlic, salt, pepper and butter.

Salads and Snacks

13. Stuffed Celery: A recipe that is low in calories and perfect for serving as a starter or even for a snack. It is full of protein because of the cottage and nutrients. Worth doing!

14. Celery Jelly: Easy to prepare, the recipe only takes minced celery, water, demerara sugar and lemon. Good choice to accompany tapioca dices.

15. Celery Sauce: Healthy and very simple recipe. You will only use plain nonfat yogurt, grated celery, chopped parsley, olive oil and salt. Good choice to spice up your salad leaves!

16. Kale Salad: A delicious and nutritious salad, full of flavor and life. You will need mango, lemon, kale, celery, tomatoes, green coconut pulp and chives.

17. Kani, apple and celery salad: A very simple, fresh, colorful and easy-to-prepare salad, just like every salad should be! You will use kani, celery, green apples, plain yogurt, paste mustard, garlic and olive oil.

18. Waldorf Salad: To prepare this different and flavorful salad, you will only use celery, apples, raisins, walnuts and mayonnaise. Great choice for when you want to vary the salad from day to day!

19. Blue Cheese and Celery Salad: Recipe that uses a blend of pistachio and walnut oils to make an amazing seasoning. But if you don't have them or don't find them, do whatever you have at hand. It is a simple and tasty salad, ideal for hot days.

20. Potato Salad with Celery and Barbecue Sauce: A totally special prepared potato salad.You will basically use potatoes, salt, celery, corn, salt, pepper, tomato sauce, apple cider vinegar and English sauce.

21. Bean, tomato and celery salad: A salad full of flavor and nutrients. To prepare it, you will only use boiled kidney beans, tomatoes, celery, lemon, salt, pepper, olive oil, coriander or parsley.

22. Celery, Potato and Smoked Chicken Salad: Good salad tip to serve for the whole family at a special little gathering. It also serves as a sole dish at a summer lunch. Of incredible simplicity and flavor? the tasty smoked chicken, the crispy celery and the complementing potato? This salad will be a hit on your table!


23. Celery, Pea and Corn Soup: Easy to prepare, it's a great suggestion for those cooler days or simply for those who love soups! A complete and nutritious meal that gets the special touch of celery.

24. Celery Tomato Soup: A tasty soup that can be served cold or hot. It is easy to do, although it requires patience for the cooking process and reducing the broth.

25. Celery Beet Soup: A very low fat soup (if made without curd or sour cream). You will use: beets, olive oil, onions, celery, large potatoes, vegetable stock and fresh cream (if desired).

26. Pea soup with celery sorbet: a distinctive and flavorful soup. For this recipe you will use olive oil, onion, garlic, peas, spinach, salt, pepperoni, vegetable broth, water, sugar, celery, lemon and thyme.

27. Celery Soup with Carrot and Crispy Pepperoni: The carrot gives a beautiful color to the cream and the slightly sweet, which is delicious. And finally, the crispy pepperoni gives the savory touch and makes everything even more delicious!

28. Pea, bacon and celery soup: good choice for cold nights! You'll use peas, potatoes, celery, mint, water, vegetables, minced and fried bacon, olive oil, onions, garlic and salt to taste.

29. Celery, Leek, and Coriander Soup: Easily prepared, you will only use onion, chayote, leeks, celery stems, cilantro, courgette, salt, and olive oil. Ideal for a tasty and comforting dinner.

30. Creamy Potato and Celery Soup: A good soup option to savor on cold days and that runs away from the "more traditional flavors", despite having simple ingredients. The tip is to serve with a little grated Brazil nut on top.

Now you have good reasons and great recipe options for including celery in your diet!

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