5 reasons to escape frying

The lack of adequate information still causes Brazilians to consume absurd amounts of fried food daily. If you are part of this large risk group, understand why you should avoid frying as much as possible and how with some clever exchanges we can prevent a hundred diseases.

Boiling hot oil alters the properties of the food soaked in it, turning it into a glyceride and fatty acid pump. That is, unsaturated fats become saturated. These fats are extremely harmful to our body. For a longer and healthier life, check out five reasons to run from fried foods.


Some people are unaware of the amount of calories that's in some foods, and frying is no different. One gram of fat contains about nine calories. Now can you imagine the amount of calories in a serving of chips? It sure is immense. So the first risk factor is possible obesity.

Cardiovascular diseases

Frying is one of the major causes of cardiovascular disease. Studies show that those who consume an excessive amount of saturated fat daily increase bad cholesterol and successively the likelihood of developing one of these diseases.


Saturated fat, which is the result of heating oil, creates a carcinogen called acrolein. The more reused the oil, the greater the amount of harmful substances to health.

Premature aging

Elastic fibers, which impart firmness, elasticity and rigidity to the arterial wall, are destroyed when there is excessive consumption of frying. The result is degeneration and premature aging. That is, the dreaded wrinkles appear much sooner than expected.


Our body needs a multitude of nutrients to stay healthy and produce antibodies. The high fat foods, like frying, do not produce the proper nutrients for the human body. Prefer natural foods to increase body protection.

The only way to convert this situation is by changing eating habits. Let fried foods and fat-rich foods for special occasions. In everyday life, prefer fresh foods, lean meats, whole grains and lots of vegetables.

One tip, now in winter, where we tend to eat more caloric and fatty foods, is to abuse vegetable soups. In addition to light and delicious, they also help to warm up. To increase the good cholesterol, the ideal is to eat oleaginous foods daily, such as nuts, walnuts, almonds and others.

With some care you can improve your physical health, appearance and breakage by staying away from a hundred diseases.

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