How to mark the concave

The most luxurious makeup looks bring eye makeup marking the concave. But first of all, do you know what the concave is? Concave is the transfer line that folds the eyelid. It is the contour of the eyeball in the eye region.

Any makeup is instantly more glamorous if we mark the concave. So don't make up a lot: make a monocolor look (just one color) or even apply a cream eye shadow all over the eye area, even under the eyebrows. Just be careful not to leave stains or excesses. For mark the concave It is critical that you have a specific brush for this purpose: it looks like the traditional smudge brush, but round.

After applying eye shadows (you may have done any look) concave marking brush in the black eyeshadow and start applying the product near the eyelash root on the outside, ie where the eyes ends. The shape should be rounded, and as the shadow moves to the inner corner, the stroke should be thinning. Never leave the look marked! Smoke well.

O brush to mark the concave It is ideal for this purpose because its rounded shape? fits? in this region of the eyes, which makes it much easier to smoke. Those with shallow eyes like the eastern ones, should abuse the concave marking to give a false eyelid to that inlaid. Note that the newscasters also adopt the marked concave look to further highlight the expression in the eyes.

The same effect can be done with the traditional smudge brushwhich is straight. Start applying the darkest shadow on the outside of the eyes and climb an arc around the transfer line. Leave the widest stroke on the outside. Smoke well. This look is a great outlet for those who do not have much time to do gradients or even make more elaborate looks in the eyes, because besides being simple, it is luxurious.

Good luck!

Convex lens and Concave lens (Part 1/4) (April 2021)

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