7 tips to wake you up feeling rested

Have one good sleep night It is essential to recharge your moods, mood and face your daily life. But that is not always possible. Problems at work, at home, hectic, busy routine, among other reasons, can end up stealing your sleep. The next day, in addition to dealing with dark circles, we must also live with the uncomfortable feeling of tiredness.

If you face these problems, it may be time to change some habits and invest in others to sleep better and get up more willingly. To help, we have selected 7 tips to wake you up feeling rested.

1. Sleeping up to 8 hours a night is a key tip for those who want to wake up rested and in a good mood. Plan for the right bedtime and try to keep up with the daily rhythm. Try to lie in a comfortable position and always choose a good pillow, mattress and cover to have a good sleep night.

2. To feel more relaxed, take a relaxing bath before bed, listen to quiet music, have a good read. Avoid staying late in front of the television or computer.

3. Avoid drinks with a lot of caffeine, alcohol and very calorie foods. Opt for lighter, healthier foods for evening meals.

4. To gain more time on waking up and avoid worry early the night before, sort out the clothes, accessories, shoes, makeup and prepare the materials you'll need to use.

5. Good organization and cleanliness of the room also contribute to a good night's sleep and a good mood on awakening. One tip is to organize your room according to Feng Shui to balance the energies and vibrations of the environment.

6. Exchanging the sound of the alarm clock for pleasant music is another tip for you to wake up feeling rested.

7. Forget the troubles and the whining at least at rest. Before bed, try to think only of positive things that make you feel peaceful and rested. This helps to have a good night sleep and sweet dreams.

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