Citrus Makeup

Makeup trends seek to appeal to more classic women, who prefer nude shades and more discreet colors, to those who are not afraid to indulge in bright shades and bold colors.

For this summer, makeup should have striking colors in the eyes and mouth, including in citrus shades. Colors such as green, orange, blue, cherry, pink and yellow in non-fluorescent but more milky ice cream tones are part of the shade color chart. Colors like grape, orange and matte red are great color choices for lipsticks.

Colorful eyeliner is also a great bet for those who prefer a more discreet make-up but want to look summery. At makeup for summer 2011 Eyelash masks can also be colored. Colors such as blue, wine or brown are great options to make the look even more colorful.

The tendency for summer is to makeup with citrus colors, mixing up to five strong colors of eye shadows, accompanied by a lot of brightness.

No longer need to choose striking eyes or mouth, the two can be highlighted together as long as the colors talk to each other.

Tips for makeup with citrus colors

Watch the video below for a suggestion of how to do citrus makeup to stay in summer fashion.

POP OF CITRUS | Makeup Tutorial (April 2021)

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