Contact dermatitis

THE contact dermatitis It is an inflammation of the skin caused by direct contact with substances that may be irritating and cause an allergic reaction. The most common type is caused by contact with chemicals, such as acids, soaps, detergents and solvents.

Exposure to a material to which a person is hypersensitive or allergic, such as cosmetics and fragrances, may also cause contact dermatitis. There are still cases of dermatitis by photosensitivity, that is, reactions to products only appear when the skin is exposed to sunlight. These products can be shaving lotions, sunscreens and ointments.

How to identify?

This inflammation is common mainly on the hands, arms and face, but can also appear on the nails.

The signs of dermatitis Contact times vary according to the time the skin was in contact with these substances. Irritation may appear immediately or may take some time.

The dermatitis symptoms Contact points are itchy skin, dry lesions and peeling, especially on the hands and arms in milder cases or even blisters, intense redness, burning and cracking in the most severe cases.


O contact dermatitis treatment It mainly involves identifying the agent that is causing the skin irritation and avoiding it as much as possible. In addition, medicines that relieve symptoms, usually corticosteroids.

But as it is not always possible to know what is causing the skin dermatitis Only with patient observation, it is recommended to seek a specialist in the subject to make a detailed assessment of the disease. Small amounts of different irritants are placed on the skin to assess which one causes a reaction.

The signs of dermatitis usually resolve within two to three weeks, but if the cause of the reaction is not immediately identified, symptoms may recur.

If the allergy is in the hands, it is ideal to use vinyl gloves to avoid contact with the product or use other forms of insulation in other regions of the body. Avoid using very hot water and if your skin is very dry, use unscented creams to enhance hydration.

What is contact dermatitis? (April 2021)

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