Details that make a difference in the final makeup result

For perfect makeup, in addition to always choosing good quality products, you need to know which colors and nuances value your skin tone. And for that, you need to be aware of details that make a difference in the final result of makeup.

When beauty items are used correctly and according to each need, the face is more beautiful and harmonious. See now some examples of situations and learn how to use makeup to your advantage.

Tanned skin

After the summer holidays, most women get the tanned skin, with a darker shade than the natural one. And to avoid the appearance of carelessness, dryness and stains, the first tip is to take daily care with cleansing and hydration. Be sure to apply sunscreen even with already tanned skin.

When doing makeup, you need to use skincare products (foundation, concealer and powder) one or two shades above their natural tone. Thus, the tanned skin is uniform but without that paler and more evident color in the region of the face. In the eyes, prefer softer shadow colors such as nude or just a little illuminator on the eyelid. Another option is the smoky but very soft eye.

Dyed yarn

If you radically changed the hair color, you also need to worry about makeup you will wear from now on. For those who have changed the strands to lighter, stronger and more intense shadows should be avoided. Try to use more delicate colors and soft nuances to bring the face in harmony. For those who decided to adopt the new look with darker strands, the tip bet on shadows that highlight the eyes. Use bright tones balanced with dark and intense colors.

Metallic Smile x Lipstick

Women who wear braces and do not know how to prepare a makeup to disguise the metallic smile can start by learning to use the right finish product. The braces themselves project their lips forward and with that, many women are unsure what type of lipstick to wear.

The tip is to avoid strong and striking shades such as pink, red, wine and lipsticks with sparkling effect and wet finish, as they tend to highlight the lips.

Since the intention is to disguise the mouth, it is best to use the light and opaque finish lipsticks. To divert attention from metallic smile in makeup, the tip is to prepare the skin very well, highlight the eyes and finish with a lighter and opaque nuance lipstick or make the lips even colorless.


O Eyeglasses It can also end up interfering with eye make-up. But as it is an accessory that should be used by necessity, just know how to choose the model that values ​​the face and makeup.

Those who do not need a more elaborate eye make-up should bet on glasses with more neutral models and thinner frames, since those who prefer a more neutral and smooth makeup can use more colorful and fun glasses models. But always before you start eye production, it's worth wondering if the shades used will match the color of your frame.

Colored contact lenses

For the supporters of colored contact lensesThe tip is to be careful when applying eye makeup so as not to look artificial. Therefore, one should not overdo the colors and mixtures of shadows. One should also avoid using eyeliner so as not to mark the look too much. Prefer lighter, softer shadows with shades that match the color of your chosen lens.


THE fringe should serve to value not only the haircut, but the entire production. Therefore, it is important to be careful that the chosen hairstyle does not interfere with makeup. When using a smoky eye make-up or intense color, for example, prefer a hairstyle where the bangs are stuck sideways or upwards. After all, you had a lot of work to do with the look and you don't want it to be hidden, do you?

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