Finish the rough skin of your elbows

The elbows They are a region of the body that, although often overlooked, also deserves special attention. The skin of the elbows is slightly different from the other regions of the arm, it has a thicker layer that serves to withstand the friction that occurs when we need to support ourselves, for example. When not properly cared for, it becomes dark, thick and dry-looking.

In autumn and winter the humidity of the air gets lower and with this, the skin of this region tends to dry out more. In summer the problem is another. As in this period the elbows they are more exposed, they are also more vulnerable to friction.

To end the rough skin of elbowsHydration is critical as it restores vitality, softness and improves the appearance of the skin. There are methods that are done at aesthetic clinics such as peeling or exfoliating. But lacking the time and money to invest in these treatments, home recipes help a lot.

Too easy hydrate the elbows at home, just a few minutes, twice a week. Using table salt and liquid soap you make a homemade elbow scrub. Just mix the ingredients in a bowl and apply to the skin, always making circular and gentle movements. The recipe can also be used to exfoliate other parts of the body like knees and heels.

10 Natural Tricks to Remove Dark Knees and Elbows (April 2021)

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