Getting married by day or by night?

One of the first decisions a couple makes after their engagement is the date of the wedding and whether it will happen during the day or night. The time chosen for the celebration can influence many important factors, such as the dress the bride will wear, the decoration of the party, the style of the invitation, the attire of the guests, among other aspects.

Both the day wedding how much wedding at night It has its positive and negative sides. So the couple needs to know exactly what they want to choose when the ideal time is and the type of ceremony they want to do. For some grooms, this is a simple decision, but not all of them. It is therefore interesting to analyze the pros and cons of day marriage and the night wedding.

Wedding day

Benefits: O day wedding has the advantage of sunlight as its main illumination. Photos are much more beautiful and natural when the photographer can explore daytime lighting.

Also, depending on where the celebration takes place, the setting itself can already serve as the setting for the wedding book. THE day wedding decorationIt is generally happier and cheaper. Other advantage of day marriage is that both costumes and decoration can be more informal.

Disadvantages: If the wedding happens in the morning, for example, everyone will have to get up early to get ready, and it may be more difficult for women to schedule a salon appointment. Summer day weddings can have heat as a major enemy of the newlyweds and guests.

Another point to consider is that if the wedding happens at lunch time, people will eat more than if the party was at night. Care must also be taken with the bad night's sleep the day before, as during the day the signs become even more noticeable.

Wedding at night

Benefits: O wedding at night It usually has a lot more glamor and can be more elegant than day weddings. Evening weddings have the advantage that guests and grooms have more time to get ready for the big time. Party decorators also benefit from evening weddings by having more time to organize everything.

Disadvantages: The party ends up taking less time, as guests get married faster and want to leave because of the time. Another factor that causes guests to leave the party early is that many families have small children or babies. Night party photography is also more precarious as it only has artificial lighting and is more laborious.

How to choose the ideal time for the wedding?

Depending on the time of year chosen for the wedding, it is best to celebrate your wedding. wedding day or night. In the summer, when night falls later, it is interesting to start your day party and end it at night, making the most of both times. In winter, it may be best to do during the day to enjoy the milder temperatures.

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