How to disguise skin imperfections with makeup

There has always been much doubt about the use of makeup to disguise imperfections on the face and if that could weigh in on the makeup or have the opposite effect as expected. The good news is that makeup can help transform your skin, leaving it looking healthy and perfect. Today we will learn how to make a natural makeup that disguises minor imperfections, but also even skin tone? come on?

Before makeup it is good to remember that it is essential to use products for cleansing, toning and moisturizing the skin. There is no point in doing a beautiful make-up if under it there is a badly treated and without veined skin. Choose hypoallergenic and oil free products. Another tip is to check with the product label if it is specific to your skin type, which can be dry, normal, mixed or oily. Daily, both in the morning and at night it is essential to cleanse the skin well and at night remove all makeup before bed. Hydration is also extremely important for the fight against aging.

At corrective makeupLet's prioritize skin coverage, which should be perfect. My experience suggests that of all makeup products, concealer is the most frightening among women. Or not knowing how to apply it correctly or not knowing what type of coverage it offers.

It is worth remembering that there are three types of concealers: the liquid, the creamy and the stick. The difference between them is in the coverage that each one offers. It's easy: The more liquid the product, the lighter its coverage. So if there is an imperfection or very dark spot, the concealer cover should be heavier.

The concealer is solely and exclusively for correct minor imperfections or soften stains that are isolated. It is also valid to apply this product in the corner of the eyes, nose and mouth, where naturally the skin is darker. Always in small quantities and with light strokes, without dragging. The color of the concealer may be a lighter shade of skin. For severe cases of dark circles, opt for a concealer that also works as a light diffuser? illuminator? It also treats the region by irrigating or dilating blood vessels and illuminating the look.

To even out the skin, use the foundation over the entire face. This product can also be found in various options such as concealer. To fully match the tone of this product to your face, test by applying a small amount over your forehead until dry. If there is a color difference, change it! Also pay special attention to the base application movements: respect the muscular tissue of the face, so the product should be applied from the inside out, upwards and neck upwards.

Use face powder to control brightness. If you have normal to dry skin, apply only to the T zone (forehead, nose and chin). If you have mixed to oily skin, apply the powder all over your face. As face powder controls shine, touch up as needed, as not only does your skin type ask for a layer of this product, but the weather and how long you want makeup to last.

To finish the perfect skin coverage, apply an illuminating product over creases or expression marks, so we have an optical effect that masks and eliminates those features.

For an? Air? beach or healthy, brush a tan effect powder on the sides of the nose, forehead and chin and do not forget to apply also on your lap to enhance this region.

Good luck!

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