How to use nail polish at work

Well done nails get a lot of attention, including in the workplace. But in order not to make gaffes, you need to pay close attention to the tips to know how to use nail polish at work.

In formal work environments and for professions that require a discreet dressing, nail color also needs to be more sober.

Choose more neutral and lighter colors such as white, pink, nude or more closed tones with wine and brown. A tip that gives a woman more touch of femininity is to bet on the French style nail, because besides being light, it leaves your hands delicate.

Some workplaces are more informal, so there are not as many restrictions as using stronger, more contrasting color nail polish, but you can't abuse the shades, details, and especially nail size.

In addition to the clearer, closer glazes, those with more open shades such as red, blue, pink, purple can be used without fear. Another tip from nail polishes for use at work they are versions with effects like holographic and flocked and nail stickers. When betting on these "different" glazes, always give preference to colors and effects that are not too heavy so as not to tire the look.

In order not to look sloppy, once the peeled dots start to appear, it is best to remove the nail polish. Remember to keep your nails always well trimmed and sanded.

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