In search of the ideal beauty

She was a full-fledged woman, she could hear from a distance, she was 33, and she was 20kg over her weight when she decided to put a gastric balloon to lose weight. He died five days later due to a medical error. Left a seven-year marriage, students who still believe her absence is just another catch of the? Teacher friend? and a mother who goes around the empty rooms of the house looking for her daughter's voice.

Believe me, this is a real story that happened a few weeks ago and it certainly won't be the first or the last. Just turn on the television or search the internet to find lives that got lost in the sought after call?ideal beauty?.

The point is, you have never sought so much for beauty. We have to have straight hair, so we find all those brushes on the market: progressive, smart, Moroccan, etc., but at the same time we need to have a babyliss in the bag to keep the tips with a "slight curl".

Not long ago, a TV show looked at how much formaldehyde is put into hair straightening products, and the results were daunting. For those who do not know, formaldehyde is a carcinogen. I'm not even going to talk about aesthetic appliances, massages, medicines and surgeries.

So why do we buy the idea that we are imperfect people? We cannot deny that the media encourages our consumerist side by attacking our weaker side, self-esteem.

How many marriages end because the woman compares with the soap opera actresses and automatically her self-esteem will stop there on the floor, not feeling comfortable to go out, travel, have sex etc.

Who has never heard phrases like:? When I lose weight I will do such a thing? or "if I put silicone on I would get a boyfriend". We need to understand that to seek perfection is to give up on life.

I'm not saying we shouldn't take care of ourselves. What is needed is to strike a balance and be happy with what we have and not regret what we will never have.

Obsessed: The Search for Ideal Beauty in Advertising (April 2021)

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