Lip Balm: What is it for and what are the best on the market

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Is lip balm a lip balm that guarantees daily benefits? both in hot and cold weather. Are there color, colorless, flavored and tasteless, glossy, opaque versions today? Just choose which one suits you best.

Want to find out what are the advantages of a lip balm and know the products that are circulating in the market? Then this is the right place!

Lip Balm: What is it for?

The benefits of lip balm prove that this product should never come out of your bag! Just call:

1. Promotes daily hydration

Some lip balms promise instant hydration, but the result is even more evident when use becomes daily. The skin on the lips is totally sensitive to climate change, so it is essential that they are always hydrated.

2. Prevents wrinkles around the mouth

That's right: balms can even prevent the formation of those wrinkles that appear around the lips. That's because regular hydration prevents skin dryness, and dry skin tends to age faster.

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3. Protects against solar damage

Exposure to the sun makes skin dryness possible, and with the lips is no different. It's important to keep them hydrated in the summer, and to make it even better, there are versions of SPF balms with UVA and UVB protection.

4. Makes you prettier

By preventing such loose skin on the lips, daily use of a lip balm ensures better absorption of any lipstick. Even an excellent tip is to put the lipstick on the balm, as it can give even more shine.

5. The smell is wonderful

Most lip balm versions have an irresistible smell. In addition to pleasing smell, this advantage allows you to moisturize your lips at all times without complaining!

6. The tone is discreet

Even the colorful versions have a very natural hue when applied to the mouth. So you can fearlessly pass the balm at any time, whether at the gym, at work, in the classroom, at home, at the club?

There is no way to be without, right? By now, you sure are wondering which balm is best for you. And now is the time to solve this doubt!

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The best lip balms and where to buy

Once you know these incredible advantages, how about some of the best lip balms on the market? The products below are even indicated by bloggers who know the importance of keeping lips hydrated.

1. Lip Balm Visibly Soft Honey from EOS

EOS lip balm is available in several different scents. The honey and apple is very fragrant and, like all copies of the brand, promises a lasting hydration. It brings shea butter and vitamin E in the composition, ie it is natural and organic. As if these advantages were not enough, the shape of the balm is very cute, compact and practical.

It is really quite effective, creating a film on the lips and moisturizing the region for a long time. He is not one of those balm that we have to touch up with every sip of water. ? Sabrina Olivetti

Buy here

2. Lip Balm Funny Animals Blueberry by Luisance

Luisance has launched a lip balms collection that is the real cuteness! Funny Animals balms, in addition to the cute packaging, promise immediate hydration! It is worth checking out the other 6 different flavors and shades. The best of everything? The price is very affordable because it is around $ 5.

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I was very surprised to find that the product is of excellent quality and moisturized my lips a lot. It gives lip color and changes intensity according to the amount of product applied. ? Matilda Natália

Buy here

3. Lip Balm Take Good Care Milk and Honey, from Apothecary

The line of balms of the Take Care Well, the Apothecary, has shea butter and vitamin E in the composition. In addition to the delicious smell, it features SPF 15, ensuring hydration and protection for 24 hours. The packaging is compact and easy to handle. It is available in 3 other flavors as well (all colorless).

It moisturizes for 24 hours. Even though I have drunk water and eaten, I feel my mouth is still very soft. If your lips are chapped or dry, will it make your lips look beautiful !? ? Isabela Pasqualin

Buy here

4. Lip Balm Amora Shine from Nivea

This amazing Nivea balm is one of the few with the brand's color, but rest assured: the tone it brings to your lips is very natural! With blackberry flavor and smell, it contains jojoba oil in the composition, which ensures prolonged hydration. Plus it has light shiny pigments, which brings even more life and beauty!

I have loved this product so much! He leaves his mouth slightly purple. It's a product that I use almost every single day. It has a moisturizing effect, but also with color, which makes the lip more beautiful. ? Carol Octaviano

Buy here

5. Mentholatum Vanilla Lip Ice Cube

The Ice Cube balm has a rich composition of shea butter and vitamins A, C and E. In addition to shine and hydration, the product also protects against UVA and UVB rays (it has SPF 15). There are several aromas and flavors available, so it is worth researching what you like best. A wonderful advantage is that the brand does not test on animals!

It has a mild, tasty taste and makes you want to eat! [?] It slides easily, does not get sticky, leaves the lips soft, hydrated and with a slight shine. ? I lived from Valle

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6. Born Lippy Strawberry from Body Shop

With a natural and pink hue, the Body Shop balm has beeswax and Vaseline in the composition. It is able to impart shine, color and deep hydration for a long period. In addition, the packaging is 100% recyclable, that is, it is a product that makes you beautiful and, in a way, contributes to the maintenance of the environment!

"This [product] was really what makes me love the brand, I had never found one that made it look so natural and really moisturize the mouth." ? Mari Guisard

Buy here

7. Baby Lips Watermelon, Maybelline

This deliciously smelling option ensures a minimum of 8 hours of lip hydration. In addition to shea butter, Maybelline's balm formula comes with vitamin E, which helps take care of delicate lip skin. The good news is that in addition to this watermelon, the line has other color and colorless versions as well. The colorless ones even come with SPF 20. It's worth checking out.

“Although they shine a little, I didn't find it bothersome at the time of use. It does not look like it will drain or become extremely sticky. The word is: comfortable !? ? Joy nunes

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8. Lip Balm French Kiss by Caudalie

This Caudalie balm features a natural composition that ensures incredible and instant hydration. The line has 3 different shades: the Seduction (Image), Innocence and Addiction ? It's worth checking out and choosing your favorite! In addition to protection, the product brings a light touch to the lips.

? They are sweet and have a vanilla flavor [?] They are extremely moisturizing and have restorative action, which makes them a must have in winter. ? Rita Alves

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9. Burt's Bees Superfruit Lip Balm

Burt? S Bees balms contain, in addition to shea butter and coconut oil, all-natural ingredients (even used to achieve the existing 4 shades). In addition to moisturizing the lips, the product is eco-friendly because the packaging is recyclable and the brand manufacturing process is environmentally friendly.

“I really loved it, bought one and will buy more. I found a great balm, one of the best I've ever used, and really thought it gave my lips a slight boost? ? Karen Bachini

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10. Kiss Me Balm from Sephora

Sephora's balm has a very compact and easy-to-handle package. In addition to promising deep hydration for at least 4 hours, it has several lush color versions. The smell is delicious and irresistible!

I can't stop using [?] He is round, has a sturdy and cool packaging to carry in the bag. ? Gleici Duarte

Buy here

Awesome, no? Each with its own peculiarities, but with a common promise: hydration and beauty! It is very worth enjoying the best of summer and winter with the necessary care with our lips. After all, a neat mouth is the boom in the self-esteem we all deserve!

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