Lip Fill: Complete Guide to Conquer Fuller Lips

Luisa Sonza

Full lips are super high and are the desire of many women who want to have an Angelina Jolie mouth. In this scenario, lip filling has become one of the most requested procedures in aesthetic clinics.

If you have questions about it, it's time to know all about lip fill! Below we will show the types, results and testimonials of those who have already done the procedure. Check out!

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Lip Fill Types

The types of lip filler vary according to the products used in the application during the procedure. Who explains in more detail is the medical dermatologist Michele Mauren Haikal (CRM: 111.164).

  • Provisional Products: With a lasting effect of up to six months, they are indicated for women who want to try the lip filling for a short time or to evaluate the result before leaving for the definitive procedure;
  • Definitive Products: Ideal for women who want to keep their lips full and permanently shaped.

It is important to remember that, either provisional or definitive, any of the procedures must be performed by a qualified and experienced professional.

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Who can do lip fill?

  • Person with thin lips;
  • Person with marked lines around lips;
  • Person with disproportionate upper and lower lips;
  • Person who wants to define the outline of the lips.

Are there any contraindications?

Haikal reiterates that lip filler is not recommended for people with some kind of infectious process or active autoimmunity.

Thus, it is important to perform the procedure with health on time to promote complete recovery and achieve the desired end result.

Lip Fill: Frequently Asked Questions

Lip filling still raises many questions in women's heads. Check out the main ones below:

1. What are the post-procedure care?

Perform ice packs on site for three days, do not sleep with lips pressed to pillow, avoid any knock, beware of cutlery and glass and do internal and external asepsis.

2. Does lip fill hurt?

Haikal states that local anesthesia is applied, but sensitivity varies greatly from person to person. The anesthesia commonly used is the same one used by dentists, which even blocks the pain in teeth and part of the tongue.

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3. How much does lip fill cost?

Choice of professional, technique and brand of the product used are factors that influence the price of the procedure, which can range from $ 1,500 to $ 4,000 reais.

4. What is the difference between lip fill and botox?

While filling is done to fill and volume the lips, the botox acts to paralyze the muscles and wrinkles around the mouth.

5. What is the most appropriate substance for lip filling?

Hyaluronic acid is the most recommended product as it is a substance present in collagen and therefore recognized by the body.

6. Is the substance absorbed by the body?

In the case of hyaluronic acid, yes. Up to a year and a half.

7. Do applied products cause allergy?

The onset of allergy is possible with the use of hyaluronic acid. ? Products with a definitive effect usually have larger molecules, so they have no allergy but can cause granuloma. Although both hyaluronic acid (not definitive) and definitive substances can cause granuloma. It's rare, but is there a possibility? Says Haikal.

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8. How is the filling done?

Basically, the product is injected into the lips with a needle. Then it is necessary to perform a light massage to shape the area and avoid asymmetries.

9. And the end result?

With a month of procedure, after the swelling is gone, you can see the final result of lip filling.

10. How long can the procedure be redone?

Once the body completely absorbs the substance, about one and a half to two years.

The dermatologist also points out that the complications caused by lip filling are rare. But "like every medical procedure, none is completely risk-free," he concludes.

10 photos of people who did lip fill

Want a better idea of ​​the effect of lip fill? See below some women who did the procedure!

The great advantage of filling is that you can choose from discrete to fuller lips.The result is beautiful anyway!

Testimonials from people who did lip fill

To find out how lip filling is done, be sure to watch the following videos! In addition to showing the step by step of the procedure, Luisa, Thaís and Ingrid speak what they thought of the? New? mouth.

Lip Fill | I made! Is it good? By Luisa Accorsi

Luisa opted for a more subtle filling, just to highlight the contour and shape of the lips. To achieve a natural result, the application was performed only at upper lip points.

My Lip Fill by Mariana Nolasco

Already Mariana wanted fuller lips, so filling with hyaluronic acid was performed on the upper and lower lips.

Chinese Mustache And Lip Fill, By Ingrid Costa

In addition to lip augmentation, Ingrid chose the filler technique to soften the expression lines around the mouth, better known as "Chinese mustache".

Undoubtedly, lip filling is among the most commonly performed aesthetic procedures today. Great alternative for women who want to innovate the look and emphasize the beauty in a harmonious and natural way!


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