Relieve tired feet after a day of work

In addition to having to deal with a busy day, pacing and spending hours on foot, you still have to deal with your foot pains by the end of the day. So, the first sensation when removing the shoes, is of relief.

However, just being barefoot does not always solve the discomfort. Women who spend most of the day in high heels or not so comfortable shoes know well what this is. To have a peaceful night, the feet must always be relaxed and without any pain. After all, facing the routine again the other day requires willingness.

Just spend a few minutes of your day and invest in daily care to feel the difference. Check out some basic but effective tips, and relieve tired feet after a day of work.

Avoid poor circulation

The first thing to do when you get home is to take your feet off to relieve the pain. But in addition, you have to move your feet to activate circulation and decrease swelling.

Raise your feet about 45 degrees and with your hands move your toes for a few minutes. Some physical exercises that can be done at home even to move the feet are also effective for relieving pain.

Relax feet

After activating circulation, rest your feet in brine (hot water mixture with two spoons of salt) and let your feet relax for a while. Running your feet in hot and then cold running water for one minute each is very invigorating and gives a good feeling of relaxation to the feet. But beware, as this procedure is not suitable for people who suffer from poor circulation and diabetes due to temperature differences.

Feet massage

Make a relaxation session with a good feet massage with moisturizing cream. Foot reflexology is a technique that helps to ease the pains caused by everyday stress and anxiety by relaxing the feet and restoring harmony to the whole body.

The technique consists of gently squeezing the toes, pressing in a circular motion to relieve the pain in the sole of the foot. A tip that also helps relieve pain after massage is to dip your feet in a bowl of mint or chamomile tea.

Ice: A Holy Remedy

Putting ice wrapped in a cloth for a few minutes on the feet and ankles is shot and fall to eliminate pain or any kind of inflammation. Loop around the sole area of ​​the toes, then spread some moisturizer.

Choose the right shoe

Those who spend a lot of time standing or walking in uncomfortable shoes for many hours end up with pain in the final day. To relieve the discomfort a bit, it is recommended to wear shoes that leave your feet well and comfortable. Choose models that do not squeeze your feet to avoid causing poor circulation.

If worn daily, thin heels can cause serious spinal problems. Swap for models where the jump is as low as possible or eliminate once and for all to avoid fatigue. The soles of the feet also suffer aggression due to the wrong choice of footwear. So choose sneakers or shoes where the sole is thicker and with shock absorbers.

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