10 Beauty Products Every Woman Deserves to Have

Some beauty products should be right for every woman who likes vanities. While some are totally expendable, others are practically a necessity of beauty. For example, how to live without a good sunscreen? This and some other beauty products are essential to making a woman's life more practical, easy and beautiful.

You can see some examples of these products in the list below.

It is also worth remembering that many products have different options, versions and very varied prices. Therefore, it is worth investing in a good price research before purchasing yours.

Online stores usually have good prices, but it is worth mentioning that some charge the value of shipping for shipping, so you should also consider this value in the account.

1. A scent that lasts all day

To ensure you are buying a good-lasting perfume, make sure you opt for the EDP (eau de parfum) version and buy only original perfumes, never replicas. Some good perfumes are Chance (Chanel), Eternity (Calvin Klein), Eaudemoiselle (Givenchy) and J? Adore (Dior). Remember to always apply to the hottest spots on the body so that the smell spreads, such as behind the ears and wrist and on the hair to smell when swinging the locks.

2. A mascara that gives volume and is easy to remove

Is there anything worse than hard mascara? Even with a proper remover for this? And yet, there are some that don't even make any difference in volume when applied. Therefore, it is worth investing in eyelash masks that are proven to increase volume and have easy-to-remove formula, such as the Maybelline Colossal Super Film. According to the manufacturer, it lasts 24 hours without smudging and comes out instantly with warm water.

3. A palette of neutral shadows

When it comes to makeup, having a neutral eyeshadow palette makes all the difference, especially when you want to do a neat smoky look, or you want to neutralize eye make-up to invest in a red or pink on the lips. Palettes such as Nakeds (Urban Decay) and Nude Tude (The Balm) are good choices in this regard.

4. A beautiful red lipstick

Red lipstick is the most democratic strong-colored powerful lipstick in the makeup world. Any woman can and should use it when she wants to make a remarkable production. Remember that very creamy reds can end up staining the teeth and matte-textured ones are a little easier to keep on the lips. Always apply a lip pencil first to make the contour. The darling red of many bloggers and which is very successful among Brazilian is Ruby Woo (MAC). Some similar colors are: Vermelito (qdB), 330 Intense (Apothecary), Diabolic Red (Eudora) and Really Red (Revlon).

5. A good quality BB Cream

The beauty balm cream replaces the following products in daily life: moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, anti-aging cream, concealer and foundation. Merging everything into one product minimizes the time spent on beauty rituals, but also loses some of its effectiveness. Each product used separately usually yields more results than all together. However, for day to day, it is worth betting on cream all in one and save time. Some BB creams well recommended by bloggers are: Miracle Cream (L? Oréal), Multi-Benefit Base (Natura), Perfect Cover (Missha) and Cream Diorskin Nude (Dior).

6. A real concealer

Is there something on your face bothering you and you want to hide it? The concealer exists for that. Dye pimples, redness, dark circles and spots. But unfortunately not all of them meet the goal. Some? Melt? Throughout the day others crack and there are those who do not even fully cover imperfections. For those who want full coverage, the suggestions are the Pro Longwear concealer (MAC) and the Derma Color Camouflage concealer palette (Kryolan).

7. An easy-to-use eyeliner

The eyeliner often looks more like an enemy than an ally when it comes to makeup. In general, they are difficult to pass, we try, we try and when we finish the line it is much thicker than expected and crooked to make it worse. But to our delight, the gel eyeliner has come to make it easier to apply as it slides better and is easier to clean. Some good gel eyeliner options are Fluidline (MAC) and Sabrina Sato eyeliner (Yes!).

8. A lip balm that really moisturizes

The search for a good lip moisturizer is long. Some last nothing at all, others leave your mouth looking like you've eaten something greasy, others are dry and difficult to pass. Amid so many products that do not meet the goal, the only way out is to experiment until you find one that serves the purpose effectively.Three good products in this category are Essential Care (Nivea), Lip Balm (EOS) and Moisturizing Lip Balm (Carmex).

9. A complete palette for emergencies

Travel palettes are great allies of women who need practicality and quick fixes for rush hour. Brands such as Dior and Lancôme have already released several versions of complete palettes, which bring concealer, blush, powder, lipstick, eye and lip pencil, mascara and eyeshadow. Although practical, the downside of travel palettes is that the price can be quite high in some cases.

10. A dry shampoo for busy days

Do you know that day when it's impossible to have time to wash and dry your hair? What to do if it needs to be washed and you have no time? A quick, practical and inexpensive solution is dry shampoo. He looks like a spray. You apply it to the root and wherever it is oily, spread your fingers to spread and you're done. Your hair will be opaque, clean looking and smelling good. In Brazil, brands such as Neez and Batiste already have their dry shampoos for sale in stores.

And to you? Which beauty product is indispensable and should be included in this list?

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