20 romantic movies for you to sigh in love

A Star is Born

There are days when all we need to do is curl up in our favorite corner and watch beautiful romantic movies, don't you think? And thinking about it, we selected for you 20 recent titles in this segment that promise to get you sighs, tears and give that cold belly after you give the play. Ready?

1. The Kissing Tent (2018)

Elle and Lee have been friends since childhood, and for this friendship to last forever, the duo have created some rules. As they both get involved in setting up a kiss tent to raise funds for the school, Elle will realize that one of the rules is about to be broken.

2. Sierra Burgess is a Loser (2018)

Sierra is a fun and intelligent teenager, but she feels out of place for not having the beauty standards that high school students crave and value. She will have to enlist the help of the most popular girl in school to run a virtual relationship that was born after a mistake was made by mistake.

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3. One Star Is Born (2018)

Ally and Jackson Maine were occasionally joined by the music. The aspiring singer and country artist get along not only professionally, but also offstage, as a great passion arises during their unusual partnership. As she watches her career take off, he takes the reverse path due to her alcohol problems, negatively influencing the couple's relationship.

4. With Love, Simon (2018)

Simon is a 17 year old who has never told his parents and friends that he is gay. This situation is about to change when the boy falls in love with an anonymous classmate, who he keeps in touch with over the internet.

5. When We Met (2018)

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Noah meets the girl of his dreams at a party, and ends up becoming her best friend. He finds a way back in time, and will use this gift to understand what can be changed to make her fall in love with him.

6. Perfect For You (2018)

Abbie and Sam have known each other since childhood, and their feelings for each other make them both believe they are soul mates. The couple is preparing for the big day of their lives when a diagnosis of Abbie's terminal cancer changes all plans.

7. Drifting Lives (2018)

The loving couple Tami and Richard decide to sail together to Tahiti. Along the way, a terrible storm partially destroys the boat, and she will have to face all her longings to save her and her partner's life.

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8. Life in Itself (2018)

Will and Abby have been in love since college, and await the arrival of their first child. During the journey of their destinations, the couple will see their lives involuntarily linked to people from far away.

9. Midnight Sun (2018)

Young Katie lives confined at home during the day, due to a rare illness that makes her intolerant to light. She meets Charlie, a popular boy who is quickly charmed by her, and they will both live a true summer love.

10. Call Me By Your Name (2017)

Young Elio enjoys another summer at his parents' summer home in Italy. When academic Oliver arrives to help his father's research, the boy will face some questions that have never plagued him.

11. The Shape of Water (2017)

Elisa works as a janitor at a secret government experimental laboratory. The woman, who is mute, falls in love with a creature held captive in one of the rooms and abused by the scientist responsible for her study. She will attempt a risky rescue to save the life of her youngest love.

12. Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Bela lives in a small French village with her father, who was captured by the Beast. She chooses to surrender her life in exchange for the freedom of her parent, and during her stay at the castle, she will meet incredible magical objects that will show her another side of the creature that holds her.

13. All and All Things (2017)

Maddie was diagnosed as a young girl with Combined Immunodeficiency Syndrome, so she never left the house. She is about to turn 18 when she meets her younger neighbor Olly, and the passion that comes between them can change her entire confined life.

14. Best Gift is Love (2017)

Senna is striving for success in her career as a stylist as well as in love, but it seems that things are going from bad to worse. But it is during your birthday that fate begins to play in your favor.

15. How I Was Before You (2016)

Lou Clark is looking for a job to help with his family's finances, and finds an opportunity as a caregiver for young Will Traynor. But his sympathy and joy will be tested against the boy's difficult genius.

16. The Choice (2016)

Travis and Gabby are neighbors, and this closeness makes the boy, who didn't even believe in love, fall madly in love. The relationship happens spontaneously, without the two realizing the size of the bond that grows between them.

17. Under the Same Sky (2015)

Brian Gilcrest is sent back to Hawaii after a failed mission. There he finds an old love, while meeting a lovely Air Force pilot, who he falls in love with.

18. It Just Happens (2014)

Inspired by the book of the same name, Simply Happens tells the story of Rosie and Alex, childhood friends who grew up together in London. They share life experiences and support each other at all times, but some right choices may take a while to make.

19. Blue Is The Warmest Color (2013)

The transition in Adèle's life entails a number of challenges, but an unexpected turn may come after she meets a lovely blue-haired girl. Both will live an intense relationship and full of discoveries.

20. The First Time (2012)

Dave is a teenager who has a platonic feeling for his best friend Jane, while Aubrey dates a musician with whom she definitely has no connection. After a party, the path of these two characters will cross, and both will discover a lot of news with each other.

Separate the popcorn and curl up on the couch, because with such an irresistible list, it's impossible not to marathon. And if you're in a more dramatic vibe, check out a list of the best drama movies.

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