6 phrases to talk during a fight

Contrary to what you often feel like doing, during a fight or a light discussion the ideal not It is going into the mood of rage and throwing it all in one's face, but bringing the conversation to a much more rational approach, reassuring the person and making the discussion constructive rather than destructive.

Taking the path of anger would probably only lead to insults and hurts that can leave marks forever in the relationship. To prevent the discussions from taking this path and eventually producing negative results, you can invest in a few words that can calm the fight and lead them to a more positive conversation that is much more likely to bring good results.

Here are six phrases you can use during discussions to calm your spirits and encourage a more rational and peaceful conversation.

1 ? Please try to see my side and understand what I am feeling.

One of the easiest ways to break a discussion is by seeking empathy from the other. If you draw attention to your side, your point of view, it is possible for the person to step in and understand your argument. This is not a guarantee that he will agree, but it will probably make him think and perhaps reassure himself as well. If each takes into account the feelings of the other, it is easier to have a discussion without offense and no hurts.

2 ? "I know I blamed that too."

When you blame it all on each other, the odds of this fight going on much longer than it should have been quite high. To avoid this, before blaming it, take a good look at the situation and make sure you don't have your share of blame either. Admit that you were wrong too and that will make the discussion take a better and more productive course.

3? Are we getting away from the subject?

It is common that when couples start a discussion it starts with something very simple and eventually brings up other more serious topics that should have been resolved in other conversations.

So that this does not happen, when you realize that you are running away from the subject, draw his attention to the fact and suggest that you ask yourself what is the real reason for this discussion. You may now realize that you might not even be arguing because there are no real reasons.

4? "This is not just your problem, is it ours?"

This approach can make what so far seemed a fight between the two become a cooperation where each collaborates in their own way to solve the problem. Thus, you unite for the evolution of the relationship and avoid fighting each other.

6? "You don't have to solve my problems, just listening already helps me?"

If you get home stressed after a hard day at work, start complaining about everything that happened and your partner tells you to stop the complaint, instead of arguing with him, tell him to talk about what happened and he Listening helps you relieve stress. With that, he will possibly be a little more understanding and listen to you calmly.

Finally, what is better than reaffirming your love for the person to heal the wounds from a fight? Say it out loud that you love him and that even arguing a few times has not changed the feeling (at least not yet). And for passionate couples, making love after a fight is one of the best ways to give a boost to the relationship after a bad argument.

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