60 rib tattoos that will make you sigh and want to make your

For many years now, tattooing has ceased to be a behavioral manifestation and has become a complement to our skin, an artistic representation of what we are, what we love or what we want.

Today, anywhere on the body can be tattooed, and people who seek more discretion with a touch of sensuality choose the rib to receive such art.

If that's your case, how about taking a look at some inspiring gear before you define what your rib tattoo will be? The selection below is exciting:

1. A tattoo can represent everything we want

2. Or symbolize a special feeling

3. There is also that simple tribute to the pet

4. And the rib is a super versatile and discreet place

5. Pointillism and fine features are perfect for those looking for a delicate idea.

6. There are also favorable options for those who wish to cover an ancient art.

7. A message to never forget

8. Mainly motivate self-love

9. Anchored to the rib in style

10. A stroke full of art

11. Are you going to have a little piece of cheese pizza?

12. The word? Yeshua? means salvation?

13. A tattoo can have a personal meaning that makes sense just for you.

14. A daily reminder marked on the skin

15. Or to be seen at opportune times

16. And why not that sentence that represents our story

17. In Feng Shui, the upside-down elephant means stability

18. A heart full of references

19. Remember me?

20. The message should always be recorded with your favorite source.

21. A force of tattoo size

22. How charming is this mandala rose!

23. And this moon among arabesques?

24. Don't forget to take good care of your tattoo.

25. Passing a healing ointment until it peels completely

26. And sunscreen whenever you get your tattoo exposed

27. This will ensure a brighter coloring for much longer.

28. Simple Contours and Shadows, Many Meanings

29. Freedom

30. A Devotion Marked Forever

31. Ensuring Good Vibrations

32. An idea to eternalize a special date

33. Delicate and full of charm

34. A little color (and love) in the rib

35.? Dream without fear, love without limits?

36. The branched faith in the skin

37. Mixing Realism and Pointillism

38. The Heart Rate of Love

39. How about filling the entire side of the body with art?

40. A cute version of Our Lady

41. Hope and Freedom in One Image

42. Does the heart never lie?

43. Half Moon in the Spotted Sky

44. A motto to ensure happiness

45. Rib tattoo ensures total discretion

46. ​​And it will only appear when you want

47. The fine line is really charming

48. Ohana in Hawaiian means? Family?

49. Free as a bird

50. Forever Young?

51. From rib to thigh

52. Define a size and style of art that suits you best.

53. And make it a complement to your body.

54. Tracking Your Curves

55. Expressing your love

56. Or honoring who you love unconditionally

57. Tattooing is an artistic representation of our personality.

58. And it will be forever marked on our skin

59. So choose for yourself which message you want to convey for the rest of your life.

60. Because your body will always be the canvas of this eternal art

What's up? Do you know which tattoo is your favorite?


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