How to clean brushes and combs

The combs and brushes that serve to shape and untangle the wires also need hygiene care. It may look fresh, but if kept clean, they last longer and still ensure healthier contact with the hair.

THE hygiene of brushes and combs It is very important, because when brushing wet or dry hair, with excess cream, or even near the dryer, some strands will always end up tangled in the bristles. If not removed, over time this dirt will accumulate and create the environment conducive to the spread of dandruff and scalp diseases.

How to clean brushes and combs?

To clean hair brushes and combs is very easy, practical and does not take long. Separate the utensils you want to clean and gently remove any accumulated wires. Avoid removing the brush strands with the help of the comb to avoid damage to both.

In a container the ideal size to fit the entire brush, pour one liter of hot water and add a few drops of bleach or mild soap. Then dip one brush at a time, soaking for a few minutes. After soaking, add a teaspoon of liquid soap to the water and leave for about 30 minutes.

That done, remove the brushes and combs, rinse with running water, let it dry naturally and you're done! Now your brushes and combs are cleaner and more conserved. To maintain hygiene, repeat the procedure once every two months. If you notice that the combs and brushes are very dirty in less time, clean them first.

A tip to keep your brush or comb always looking clean and to prevent the accumulation of dirt is always to remove the threads that got tangled soon after untangling the hair.

Other types of brushes

Cushion-type and metallic hairbrushes cannot follow the same cleaning procedure as others, as they may become soaked or oxidized. Therefore it is necessary to clean them without letting it soak.

Cushioned Brushes: To clean the cushion brush, simply scrub the bristles with the help of a toothbrush or flexible sponge moistened with mild soap and water. Do the complete cleaning and then let it dry naturally.

Metal brushes: To avoid causing oxidation on metal brushes, extra caution must be taken when cleaning. The brush cannot have long contact with water, so it is recommended not to soak, just wash it quickly and then wipe with a clean dry cloth.

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