8 Signs A Friendship May Be Toxic

We often talk about love relationships that do more harm than good. However, in addition to a partner that harms us, we must also know how to identify a toxic friendship.

It is often even more difficult to come to the conclusion that a friend or a friend is not that beneficial to your life, and you may spend years suffering from the effects of this relationship. Keep an eye on these 8 signs to discover potential toxic friendships:

1. You avoid messages and calls from this person

You may not know why, but you get a little annoyed just by seeing a friend's name flashing on your mobile screen. After all, can you foresee that the conversation will involve a huge discharge of emotional problems? they all belong to the other person.

It's not that you don't want to help her, but you may have gotten a little tired of the only issue among you being her needs alone, as long as she doesn't even remember to ask how you are doing.

2. She never has time for you

You can spend hours comforting your friend because a Tinder guy is missing, but she apparently doesn't have time for you even when something very serious happens in your life, even if it's a loss of a loved one.

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A true friendship is a two-way street. If you realize that you are the only one who gives and she is the only one who receives, something is wrong with that relationship.

3. Are you afraid of displeasing her?

You feel that your friend always expects you to answer her as soon as possible. Whether you are at work or enjoying a romantic evening, you feel that this friendship has created an obligation that you are always available to the other person.

Precisely because of this, when you think that you may have the right to put yourself in the first place from time to time, you start to be afraid of displeasing the other person. This is because this? Friendship? It only works if you are available all the time. So, unconsciously, do you worry about hurting your friend? whereas, in fact, you are doing nothing but taking care of your own life.

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4. You get emotionally exhausted after seeing your friend

Friendships also have their ups and downs, but for them to be true, moments of joy and partnership must overcome difficulties. So if you always feel exhausted, sad or angry after seeing your friend, this is a clear sign that this is not a healthy friendship.

People who let you down, raise questions about your dreams and projects, or put you in difficult situations (be they emotional, moral or financial) add nothing good to your life. Leaving may be the best option.

5. Do you feel physically ill after seeing this person

The only pain you should feel after meeting a friend is that slight tension in your cheeks from laughing so hard. On the other hand, if you have a headache, muscle aches or gastrointestinal problems after spending time with a specific friend, this is a clear sign that this is a toxic friendship.

Having good friends boosts our immune system and increases our life expectancy? and of course living with people who hurt you will have the opposite effects.

6. You're always stepping on eggs and hiding things.

A friendship never seems toxic at first: after all, to become friends, it's very likely that you laugh together and seem comfortable in each other's presence. However, it seems that something has changed in this relationship.

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In order not to hurt your friend, you begin to choose carefully each word you will tell her, because the chances of being misunderstood are high? as if she can't remember that you like her and have no intention of hurting her.

In addition, you hide certain events, whether good or bad, because you know your friend will not react very positively: by telling you something bad, she puts you down even more; By telling something good, it diminishes his achievement. If you are forced to police yourself all the time, this is not a healthy friendship.

7. Your friendship is hurting other relationships.

Maybe you have two friends who don't get along very well, and that's totally normal.However, it is not normal for a friend to dislike all her other friends, her partner and her family.

As with toxic love relationships, a toxic friend can act to try to isolate you until he is the only person left in your life.

If you find yourself manipulating yourself away from other loved ones, or if your true friends and family are unhappy with this particular friendship, then keep your eyes open.

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8. You are developing serious health problems.

Stress and anxiety can move out of the emotional and psychological field and into your body, resulting in an increased risk factor for health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. And that's no different when stress and anxiety are generated by a toxic friendship.

We often think that dealing with a toxic friend is easier than with a partner that hurts you, but things are not always that simple. After all, toxic friends often have the gift of leaving you in doubt, and you'll always wonder if "that's what he meant."

So if you have a sudden health problem and find yourself trapped in a bad friendship, there may be a link between these two factors.

Recognize a toxic friendship and? Break up? This relationship is not a simple task, but doing so is critical to restoring your mental and physical balance. So put yourself first, get professional help if necessary and get rid of this person who is doing you so much harm.

8 Signs of a Toxic Friendship | Sharon Livingston | TEDxWilmingtonWomen (August 2021)

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