Dark Brown Hair: Ideas, Dyes, and Tips for Maintaining Color

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Dark brown hair is that versatile, easy-to-care hair that fits all women. Whether in short, medium or long locks, the color enhances and enhances feminine features with shine and elegance.

If you want to change your look but are not sure which color to choose for the yarn, check out the list of inspirations we have prepared below. The dark brown will conquer you!

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Short dark brown hair

Dark brown falls like a glove for those with short hair. The brown tone makes this modern cut even more beautiful. Look:

1. Color is a charm in pixie cut

2. Values ​​bold hairstyles

3. Looks great on classic slick chanel

4. Or with a smoother finish

5. Colorful accessories make a beautiful contrast with brown

6. And sunshine enhances the beauty of color

7. The right tone for those who want a modern look

Impossible to resist color, right? I could see that it was bland. The dark brown has nothing!

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Dark and medium brown hair

Those with medium hair can also adhere to color to enhance the cut. Check out:

8. The long bob + dark brown combination has no error

9. Is also the perfect color for curly

10. Matches colorful clothes

11. With more sober tones

12. Or with a monochrome combination

13. Synonym for Versatility

14. Not falling in love with tone is practically impossible!

There are so many beautiful inspirations that it's hard not to rush to the salon. Let's color the locks!

Long dark brown hair

The dark brown is still the darling of long hair fans who want to highlight the imposing strands. Look that:

15. Color brightens the face

16. Looks Wonderful With A Basic Make Up

17. In the style? I woke up beautiful?

18. Or with a more flashy make

19. Looks Beautiful in Women of Any Age

20. Let them be young

21. Or older

22. Having brown hair is feeling beautiful every day

23. And rock on any occasion!

Long hair is a classic that never goes out of style and, regardless of the texture of the hair, the color guarantees beauty and harmony to the face.

Dark brown hair with lights

Lights are a stylish option to lighten your hair without giving up the dark brown background. The tones may vary from discreet to bright:

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24. Lights only enhance the stature of curly wires

25. Create an amazing tone on tone with dark brown

26. Wonderful inspiration for those who love a curly long bob

27. Light strands may start closer to the root

28. Or a little lower

29. Nothing like a hair up to look beautiful

30. And why not opt ​​for the lights?

After so many inspirations, you must be in the mood to revamp the locks, right? But first and foremost, be sure to look for a qualified professional, as the lights require a discoloration process that, if done without care, can damage the wires.

Dark Brown Hair Colors & Dyes

To conquer the dark brown of dreams, you can bet on dyes or toners. Check out the product selection below:

Where to buy

  1. Koleston 30 Dark Brown Tincture at Drugstore Sao Paulo
  2. Color & Ton 3.0 Dark Brown Coloring at Ikesaki Cosmetics
  3. Immediate Tincture L? Oréal 3 Dark Brown at Pacheco Drugstores
  4. Beauty Color Dark Brown 3.0 Tincture, American
  5. Superia Color Amend Dark Brown Toner Kit in Submarine
  6. Haskell Excllusiv Dark Brown Toner

While the dye changes the color of the yarn permanently, the toner is softer and lasts about 20 to 25 washes. The latter is a good choice if you want to? Test? dark brown before permanently applying the tone to the hair.

Tips for caring for dark brown

Bright and lively hair requires special attention and care. Check out valuable tips below to keep your locks healthy and bright!

Brown Hair Inks, Products & Care by Lu Ferreira

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In the video, Lu gives tips for taking care of brown hair. She, who has been blonde for a long time, also emphasizes the advantages and facilities of maintaining the new color.

Dark Brown Hair Toner by Yngrid Carneiro

Even dark hair suffers from sun exposure. So be sure to check out Yngrid's tips for regaining the color of your chestnut and breaking hydration.

Step by Step Shining Bath in Brown Hair, by Julia Doorman

Julia bets on the shine bath to make her hair silky and natural looking. The process results in loose, well-hydrated locks.

Dark brown is that wild color that is always on the rise. In addition to being easy to maintain, it combines style, sophistication and versatility. Don't be afraid to change and bet on the tone to your locks!

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