Decoration with mirrors

The use of mirrors in the decoration It gives a touch of beauty and sophistication to the environment, but also helps to enlarge the space, enhance the lighting and disguise small imperfections in the walls.

The mirrors They can be placed in any room of the house, provided they are used with good judgment and without exaggeration. The choice of style, size and mirror modelsBesides being a personal taste, it must be in accordance with the space chosen and in tune with the details and other pieces that complete the room.

Tips for decorating the house with mirrors

Before decorate a room with mirrors, you need to be mindful of space planning without forgetting the details of the place. This is very important as it prevents the environment from looking too polluted after placing the mirrors.

Always bear in mind that the mirror reflects everything in front of you, so you need to choose a place where the reflected image will not compromise any decor. Always give preference to places that can reflect beautiful objects and images of the environment.

In addition to the use of mirrors in the decoration Leaving the impression that the small places are larger, they are also useful for increasing the light of the darker rooms. If positioned in strategic places, they reflect the natural light from the window back to the dark area.

The mirrors they can transform the look of a room, and the result is as good as a different painting or wallpaper, especially when placed on the entire wall.

It can be in a room, in the lobby or at the end of a corridor. The complement is the frames that, the more sophisticated, the more beautiful.

The tiled mirror doubling effect can be used in bathrooms just above the dressers in the bedroom or on top of any furniture. To make the place more relaxed and modern, opt for two different models.

They can also serve as an art object and replace frames in home decor. To do this, choose mirror sets of equal shapes, but in different sizes or decorative shaped mirrors and differentiated.

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