Healthy Twist and No Exaggeration

Every Brazil's World Cup match, are moments of great emotion and also a lot of tension. This is true of players on the pitch, of course, but the feeling also dominates fans who stay tuned and alert in front of the television so as not to miss any important moves.

The euphoria is multiplied and the outburst of joy spreads to the crowd, especially when after a beautiful move comes the long-awaited goal. But football lovers with heart problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or other risk factors should beware and celebrate with caution as over-the-top emotion can be a health hazard. Check out some tips for a healthy crowd without overdoing it.

Redoubled Attention When Twisting

During the game, so much fans make the adrenaline level and blood pressure rise. Anxiety and stress also increase, the heart consumes more oxygen. The consequence of this is arrhythmias, which make the heart beat faster and in vulnerable people, can lead to myocardial infarction.

When cheering with friends, the traditional barbecue, popcorn and some do not give up alcoholic beverages. But for sufferers of heart disease and diabetes, reconciling celebrations, social events with health limitations is not always simple.

Therefore, awareness is important, knowing that there are limitations and that exaggerations should not happen under any circumstances, even if there are many reasons to celebrate.

On the eve of game day, try to sleep well and be relaxed, tiredness and a sleepless night increase adrenaline rush and stress. And before the match starts, eat well, light and balanced. During the game, avoid drinking alcohol and smoking, the pair is contraindicated for organisms that are very tense. Always drink plenty of fluids.

Watch for abnormal palpitations, shortness of breath, chest pain and any other symptoms that are uncomfortable. If symptoms persist, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Cheering does not hurt and adrenaline is not harmful to health, it is even necessary for the body, the danger is in excessive doses. One just has to hold back emotions, take some care and not abuse. Acting this way, just wait for the victory and run for the hug in celebration. After all, we are the country of football, where the passion for the sport is such that you can not miss any moment of the national team.

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