How to make the most of your workouts at home

The rush of everyday life ended up giving people more and more time to leave the house to go to a gym or park for a physical activity. If you suffer from this and have to do the exercises at home, or even prefer train at home, follow our tips to make the most of this moment.

Seek advice from a professional

The first step to take before starting a home exercise routine is to seek the advice of a professional. The physical educator will be able to guide you through the exercises and set up the ideal series for you. Describe activities you enjoy and find pleasurable for the professional to see if you can include them in your series. In addition, it is recommended to hold monthly meetings with the physical educator to make necessary changes in the grade and to evaluate their progress.

Take a physical assessment and keep track of your progress.

Before starting activities and every six months it is recommended to do a physical evaluation to check your current state and monitor your progress in the exercises. Schedule a date with the accompanying physical educator and make the assessment even before start exercising at home.

Physical assessment is very important and the results can motivate you to continue exercising.

Set a time to do the exercises

So that you do not get out of line and get discouraged from doing the exercises it is essential to have fixed time and day for the workout. This way you force yourself to be more disciplined and not abandon the practice. And nothing to uncheck? Work out on lazy days. Even if you are not committed to a gym or personal trainer, the commitment you have is to yourself and should be respected.

Invest in equipment

To make you feel more motivated to do your workouts at home, you can, with little investment, buy some basic equipment for your workout. Items like an exercise mat, pilates ball, elastic bands and weighted anklets already add up to a great exercise kit at home.

Relax after training

Another motivating factor for physical exercise is a relaxation or self-massage after training. So whenever you start exercising you will know that in the end something delicious and relaxing comes and you will feel more excited to continue.

Don't do hungry exercises

Before you exercise, you must eat so that you are not starving at the time of training. Eat something light like a fruit or salad at least, but wait a while before starting the exercise series? Because exercise while digestion occurs is not recommended.

Call a friend to join you

Another way to stay active in exercises at home is to call a friend to do too. Remembering that she should also follow the same tips and be accompanied by a physical education professional. You can vary by doing the activity each day at one and so you will feel more encouraged.

Follow the tips and enjoy your training time at home. And remember: keep the commitment you made to yourself and do not abandon physical exercise.

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