How to organize christening party

To celebrate the birth of a baby, parents hold ceremony and christening party. Baptism is a religious tradition that marks the life of a child forever, and in celebration of the special day and life that awaits it, the festivals have also become traditional. Therefore, after the choice of the godparents, preparations for the big day deserve priority attention of the couple.

Acting responsible for organizing social events, Suzanna Mendonça explains why it is important carefully plan the baptism of a childEvery celebration should be organized in advance so that everything is as planned and no unpleasant surprises occur. Check out 8 planning and organizing tips for christening parties.

1. First, choose the date and time of the party. Since this is a family celebration, it is suggested to be held on Sunday morning or in the afternoon, especially because this is usually the day when the churches perform the baptism ceremony. Thus, all guests will be able to attend more easily without losing professional appointments, especially.

2. Once you have chosen the time, it is time to decide where the party will be held. You can choose to rent a salon or even do it at home if you have enough space for it. The only recommendation is that it is compatible to comfortably receive the expected number of guests.

3. Breakfast, lunch or brunch? To choose the menu, consider the period in which the party will be held. If the religious ceremony ends before 11 am, a coffee is ideal. After this period, it is already possible to consider both brunch and lunch, which will determine the choice will be the formality of the party.

4. When hiring the buffet, set how much you want to spend. You can hire all services at once, food, crockery, waiters, etc. Or if the party is for a few people or the budget is not too big, choose to hire individual services or even use own resources, such as cutlery. But for everything to be perfect, it values ​​quality and sophistication.

5. When it comes to decorating the party, keep in mind that elegance and sobriety are basic requirements. You don't have to choose themes like birthday parties. In these occasions, the white color is the most used because it represents the purity and innocence of the child. Decorate the tables with white flowers, use lace and abuse creativity.

6. The invitation is important to formalize the call. But it's not impolite to invite people over the phone. However, the physical invitation is also something for guests to keep as a souvenir. There are numerous options for ready-made templates with baptism-related messages and children's figures. If you prefer, make an exclusive invitation with the? Face? your son's.

7. It is extremely important to offer souvenirs to the guests. This is a way to thank them for their presence. Choose something that best represents your child, such as little angels, religious-themed crafts, biscuit ornaments, soaps or personalized boxes.

8. Be receptive to the guests and try to pay attention to everyone. Monitor food for all tables and see if they are all well seated. "More important than preparing a perfect party, it is important to return the affection of the guests ensuring the well-being of all", concludes Suzanna.

After all this hard work, enjoy this unique and special moment with your son and husband.

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