How to put limits on children

Affection is essential in raising children, but parents cannot forget that put limits on children also required. And this is one of the major problems in parenting, because there is some disorientation on the part of parents about their authority, some even feeling insecure about forbidding things. AND set boundaries It does not mean to be authoritarian and deprive the freedom of the child, but to demonstrate authority.

Set boundaries for children It may not be an easy task, but it is through them that parents will be able to teach them to respect others and themselves, while recognizing the difference between their needs and their wants. The child must learn to wait his turn, to understand that he needs to share, to be kind and tolerant. Therefore, the rules must be clear, objective, coherent and above all, must be kept safely and firmly.

Often hearing a child can have the reaction of crying, grumbling, fighting, making parents feel unfair. It is important that they are ready for such reactions and do not forget that the limits are for the good of the child. THE lack of boundaries of the child can have negative consequences, after all the child who does not accept rules will certainly have difficulties to live with others when growing up.

If, even with the best intentions of sparing their children any kind of suffering, parents satisfy all their wishes, they may end up undermining their ability to cope with difficulties and withstand frustrations.

Usually after the? No? from parents comes a why? of children. And the little ones do have the right to an answer. Therefore, nothing better than dialogue and explain to the child in a nutshell why they have to obey. For example: Don't go up there. Can you fall and get hurt? When a limit is applied and the child understands the reason for that order, he or she is more excited to obey it.

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