How to sand nails

To the nails To always be strong and healthy, you need to be careful. Long nails are presentable to some extent, but when very large they look sloppy and even unhygienic.

For this reason, sanding your nails whenever necessary is essential not only for the health of your hands, but also to make them always beautiful. Learn through step by step how to file your nails and see how easy it is to do it at home.

Step 1

You can sand the enamelled nails or not. Believe it or not, but nail polish makes it easy to see the shape. Especially for beginners who have not yet practiced and are afraid to end up leaving the nails uneven. But of course after properly sanded, the enamel should be removed.

Step 2

Separate a good quality sandpaper to begin the procedure. To know how to nail your nails, look at the shape of your hands, because for each type there is an ideal size and shape for nails: Round nails match small hands with thick, short fingers, while square nails are for long hands of long thin fingers.

Step 3

The correct way to sand your nails (regardless of shape) is by resting one hand with your fingers flat on a flat surface and touching the file to the tip of one nail. The meaning of the sandpaper will only change according to the shape you want to give.

Step 4

Square nails: To nail the nails in square shape, the sandpaper must be parallel to the nail tips. Make gentle movements back and forth, always pausing midway. Once this is done, up to the desired nail size, finish by sanding the side tips of the nails sideways to the top, repeating the reverse movement to ensure that the? Sharp point? disappear.

Round Nails: To nail the rounded nails, simply start by following step 3, where one hand should be on a flat surface and then position the file on the side of the nail and make gentle movements, joining the tip with the rest of the nail. . Always imagine the shape of a bow to make your nails well rounded. Repeat this procedure on the other end of the nail and join the two ends together until the round effect is complete.

Step 5

After sanding your nails, if you have done the process with them still enameled, reiter the old nail polish and finish by applying a new color. If your nails are already empty, finish by applying the nail polish in the color you prefer.

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